Reporting in from the crazy quadrant…

Life has been a whirl lately and technology has been letting me down. Intermittent internet access is like one of those obstacle courses on those crazy TV shows, it seems okay at first, then something springs out of a wall and knocks you in a pit of goo. While I’ve been climbing in and out of the pits, tons of good stuff has crept up on me or even passed me by, so here is a bit of blog and book updatery.

Blog News! 

Friday, I’m a guest at Jackie’s Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories blog. I’ll be talking about what makes a couple perfect for each other, so stop by and join the conversation.

Right here at SGSF I’ve got a fun week planed ahead. K.S. Augustin will be visiting the blog on Monday for an interview and giveaway. This is a fantastic interview you won’t want to miss. 


I’ve also got another copy of Incorporeal and two signed print copies of Viper Moon to give away next week. I picked them up at a book signing with the author last weekend.

Book News!

Under the category of stuff I missed, be sure to look back to the great round up of SFR News & Links For August 2011 at Galaxy Express. There are some new releases I’ve been looking forward to, including Cathy Pegau’s RuleBreaker and Nancy J. Cohen’s rerelase of Keeper of the Rings. They’re all blurbed there.

Other notable releases:

iRobotronic, the third book in Bella Street’s Apocalypse Babes series was released July 30, 2011. 

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not, Lena Diaz’s chilling debut romantic suspense is out this month. It is not SciFi or PNR but I highly recommend it. Check her website for her blog tour details and several contests she is running to celebrate the release. While you’re there check out her romance trading cards – very cool!

What Did I Miss?

I’m sure there is lots of other good stuff I missed. Please share links to your favorite stuff in the comments!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the mention, Charlie! I already have Incorporeal and Rulebreaker on my Kindle impatiently waiting to be read (Actually, Cathy’s is a pre-order and will be live in 3 days). Thanks for posting all the other titles. More sci-fi goodness for the aforementioned Kindle!

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