Thor reviewed at I am Ipodman

Ipodman has a great review of Thor at I’ve really been looking forward to this one, so glad to see the thumbs up!

7 thoughts on “Thor reviewed at I am Ipodman

  1. I have to admit to having a very big fan girl love for Marvel Comics character based movies… Some of my best memories are watching all these bigger than life heroes over and over once a movie releases in theatres and then comes out on Video and DVD…
    I am looking forward to Thor as well, hopefully it will start showing at our local theatre either on release day or soon after so we do not have to wait a month to see it after everyone else does…
    Thanks for the review link Charlie, it really pumped up my anticipation more with the insight into what takes place…

    • This is what I love about your blog. You bring us information from all over the web. Most bloggers don’t link enough, but you always have.

      Hubby will be very glad to know Thor is a winner. He’s been looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks for the link! Thor will be released later this month in my part of the world and I’ve been wondering whether to gather the family and go. I usually love the Marvel flicks. Shall put this one on the list.

  3. Thanks, everyone. I love to share good info, but I also try to be careful not to swamp you all with posts. Good to know the links are helpful.

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