4 thoughts on “Try Steampunk for free!

  1. Downloaded P&P this morning and will read it before bed 🙂 Thanks for the heads up, tho! I’m sure there will be more steampunk in my future.

  2. Thanks Charlie, have now downloaded my first steampunk read… Also shared info of link on Twitter and Facebook for others that follow my links to get in on the action and help promote the book….

  3. Hey Charlie-girl, can you tell me what Steampunk is? I have no idea other than it may be something like the old Wild, Wild West TV show? Are they all some sort of Victorian-dressed people solving mysteries using futuristic gadgets?


    • Steampunk takes elements of the culture and technology of the steam power era and mixes them with more fantastical elements. There are many variations on the theme. Give it a try!

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