The Morcai Battalion – Compelling SciFi Romance

The Morcai Battalion: Invictus is the third book in the Morcai Battalion series. I don’t normally start at the end of a series, but this one was given to me as a review copy and I couldn’t pass it up. Starting on book three of three was risky, but it did have the advantage of jumping right to the action. There were times when I knew there was history to the relationships between these characters that would have made my read of Invictus much richer, but the book was still a pleasure as a standalone. The main characters were so compelling that I now want to go back and read the earlier books.

The chemistry between Madeline and Dtimun really jumped off the page with a crack, sizzle, pop.  Their love is a forbidden love and one they both deny, but the mission in front of them requires them to go behind enemy lines and the only way they’ll survive is to give into their need for each other, at least temporarily. Temporarily? Who do they think they’re kidding…besides themselves?  I love these characters and the fascinating world the author has created for them.

What I liked about the heroine: Madeline was raised to be a soldier from the cradle then retrained to be a medical officer. She isn’t always comfortable with seeing herself in any capacity other than her military service. It makes her sweetly awkward at times. She is also very clearly deeply devoted to and in love with Dtimun.

What I liked about the hero: Dtimun is always keeping secrets, but one of his most important secrets, his true appearance, is held back from Madeline because he believes she will fear him and he can’t bear the thought of seeing that fear in her eyes. He is a very capable, authoritarian man used to being in command, but it is clear that his one vulnerability is Madeline.

Other cool stuff: Dtimun and Madeline are different species. The problems that creates for them as a couple are handled really well and are central to the story. Most of the really cool stuff I don’t want to mention because it might be a bit spoilery, but I guess I can say it has something to do with genetic engineering, prophecies, and families of all sorts. Oh and did I mention the talking tiger sized cat?


If you do want to try this series I’d suggest starting with the first or second book. If you’re like me and the romance is key, it looks like the romance really got started in book two.

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Primary format: e-book

Publication date: November 2010

Publisher: Harlequin® Luna

5 thoughts on “The Morcai Battalion – Compelling SciFi Romance

  1. I now think I’m going to have to read this series! Thanks for the review, Charlie. I thought Luna only published paranormal, magic, etc. Didn’t know we had another avenue for SFR! I should be more up on this.

  2. i cannot read a series out of order (neurotic compulsion, perhaps?), so i only skimmed your review, focusing on the character synopses instead. and now i want to read all three… in order, of course. thanks for a new series lead!

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