Hopes and fears…

V returns to ABC tomorrow (Tuesday the 4th).

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I enjoyed season one, but if I had to pick a sci-fi show to survive the series cuts it wouldn’t have been this one.  I was so excited for V when it first reappeared, but the show has failed to really make me love the characters. Ryan is my favorite–the only character that really has any depth. As for the others…I like them, but the love just isn’t there.  Well, with so little sci-fi surviving into 2011, I’ll be giving V a chance. Fingers crossed.

So, how do you feel about V? Will you be watching any sci-fi TV this year?

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    • I said something to my brilliant 21 year old son the other day about Doctor. Who and he asked how I could expect him to know anything about an obscure show that aired when he was a kid. I laughed hysterically . Enjoy your Who!

  1. It’s funny, before “V” came out I had no interest in watching it. But my boyfriend wanted to, so I told him I’d give it a shot. I ended up really getting into it, and he gave up on it once it took a long hiatus. I’m interested to see what’s going to happen next. Although I didn’t like the fact that the chick who had the half-alien baby (I am SO bad remembering names) died, and now it seems like the baby daddy might switch back to the dark side (a.k.a. Team Anna). Guess we’ll have to wait & see how it plays out.

    Oh, and I haven’t heard much about “The Event” lately, have you? I know it wasn’t doing so well ratings-wise unfortunately 😦

  2. ABC has lots of preview info up for V, including a 15 minute excerpt from the first episode of the season. I don’t think you have to worry about Ryan (the baby daddy) going for Team Anna. One of the things they are talking about is that they are going to do better at appealing to the die hard sci-fi fans and that means more scaley alien skin on screen. We’ll see how that goes!

    I think the Event is really struggling. It was just getting interesting when it went on break. It is slated to come back Feb 28.

    BTW – I loved that FRINGE death video clip you posted on the new Contact blog. Very cool!

  3. I caught a few episodes of V, but for some reason never managed to sustain a weekly viewing. I plan on making a better effort this time around.

    My sci fi go-to this year is definitely “Fringe.” I liked the way they handled the Olivia/Other Olivia storyline and look forward to the renewed strangeness the team must investigate the coming half of the season. I just hope the “time slot of death” doesn’t do it in : P

    • Loved where Fringe went this season. I was so scared they’d screw it up, but everyone stepped up and they pulled it off big time. So far!

  4. Hmmmm, it will be interesting to see more of the “V” in their scaley, reptile-like alien form.

    I think the main problem with “The Event” is that there are too many sub-plots. It feels like he show is trying to go in too many directions at once, and it just gets confusing.

    I’m glad you liked that “Fringe” preview. I liked it too, and I hope they’re right about “reanimating Friday nights” and not letting one of the best shows on tv right now die a painful death!!!!

    • I didn’t have trouble with the different charcters in The Event. I just thougth it develops slowly. Even novels can’t afford to devlop slowly anymore. And we needed to see more complexity to the characters. They were just starting add more of that as the show took a break.

  5. More scaly aliens! 😀

    That’s pretty much the only reason I’m watching the 2nd season. The 1st season tried so much to be a Drama (capital D) that it forgot to be SF a few times. So I’m really glad to see they’ll be making an effort this time around to focus on the spec aspects of the show. I just hope it’s not a case of too lil too late.

    Looking forward to seeing the original actress who played Diana in the V mini-series as well! Whoo hoo!

  6. My husband managed to watch quite a bit of the first season, mostly because he loves Marina Baccarin from Firefly and he likes the way they make her look reptilian, even when she’s in human form. But V bored me. Too bad. IMO as with any series, it’s the relationships, the interactions between characters that interests me, not the so much the action (or in this case, lack thereof). That’s why BSG, Firefly and The Walking Dead work so well – the characters and their struggles/relationships are the focus. It’s why True Blood is faltering – too many characters and story arcs.

  7. I never saw the original Way Back When, and I wanted to watch, but just… didn’t. I do watch The Event, though, AND Doctor Who, though I’m still getting used to Matt Smith.


    • Ya know, I’ve heard raves about Chuck. I should really give that a shot. I tried first season and didn’t get it, but maybe I should try again. Is Sanctuary still on? I thought it got canceled.

    • If you’re looking for space ships I got nothing for ya. Fringe is good in an X-Files way. If you gave up on it in the first season, try season two. It got better. Warehouse 13 is good for comedy. And that’s about it. Sad.

      • I did give up on Season 1, but wi;ll give season 2 a try… what’ve I got to lose? I love a huge variety of Spec Fic… and would love a Slipstream series.

        Also, your right, Warehouse 13 is fun and you reminded me that I still sometimes enjoy Eureka. Not as good as it used to be, but still some chuckles.

        Of course, my favorite program right now is Big Bang Theory… but that doesn’t count as Sci-fi really. Though it is Fiction and is about Science.

  8. @Thomas Evans Yes, exactly! He is usually my walking encyclopedia of all things entertainment and sports, but mostly he is a gamer. I expect the Whovian franchise never got a game. 😉

    • Ha! It DID get a game, albeit back in the 80s. It was a really crap RPG that sold about two copies. Great box with the Tardis and Tom Baker on it though.

  9. @Thomas Evans

    “but that doesn’t count as Sci-fi really”

    At this point I’m ready to call Human Target spec fic. It is based on a comic book, is totally beyond the realm of reality, and the new season gives them the most tech advanced office I’ve ever seen.

    See how desperate I am? Curse you, TV gods!

    • Yet again I find myself commenting:

      Ha hahahaha!

      I’ve been thinking of adapting my book into a TV show. My SciFi book that is.

      Somehow I don’t think that “Quantified Identities: A Statistical Examination of the Burial Rites of the Upper Seine Basin Between the Hallstatt Final and the La Tene Moyenne” would wrack up the Neilson Ratings.

      A bit of New Space Opera Noir might though.

      • Yay for Space Opera Noir!

        And you never know about the the other one. If it has Burial Rites in the title, surely you can throw in a murder and some sexy sleuth types. Once you take out the statistics you’ll have lots of room to fill.

  10. Oh but the Stats are the best part! By using Canconical Correlation Analysis I found that the cultural drift in burial rites suggested a transition from a Vixian core to a more Marnian based core. That secondary social nexus then splintered into a greater number of less prestigious hierachs.

    • I suppose I deserved that.

      But I’m much more interested in what Vixian vs Marnian is all about, than the stats that got you there. 😉 I love, love, social anthropology. Even passed the stats classes back in college days, but put them right out of my head thereafter. 😉

  11. Truth be told, I preferrwhat the results mean to the results as well… but I just couldn’t resist.

    The end results of the research generated a hypothesis that built upon the Frakenstien and Rowlands central place theory, suggesting that om the Early Iron Age, the cultures of NE France mimiced the cultural center at Vix because of their monopoly over the Imported goods from the Med.

    When that monopoly was broken, due to the settlment of a Greek city in Modern day Marseille, the different communities started associating themselves with the new cultural Core, centered in the Marne. This broke down, however, in part because no true monopoly could be established, and in part because the Warrior based society that developed in the Marne was suddenlyu depopulated. This depopulation occurs at just about exactly the same time as the historic accounts of the massive raids of Rome and Greece by the Keltoi/ Galli (Celts).

    Then there’s another whole bit about Gender and Identity…

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