Traditions aren’t always…traditional.

My tree is finally up! It ended up taking the purchase of a new tree—a new artificial tree. When I was a kid we always had a wonderful, traditional holiday. We would have a live tree, carols, eggnog, and family togetherness in abundance.

I remember those times fondly, but I’m afraid the traditions have changed for my little family. The artificial tree, this year with lights built-in, suits me fine. I miss the smell of a real tree, but I’m good with having no messy pine needles to clean up.

Another new tradition is the re-watching of many-times-watched movies. These are often on in the background while we trim the tree, decorate the house, or address the holiday cards. You all know my taste in entertainment, so you probably won’t be too surprised to hear that my idea of a holiday film is Die Hard. Hey, it was set at a Christmas party and the sound track is mostly Christmas music.

After watching some of these family favorites over the weekend, I thought I’d let you join in another tradition, the movie quotes game. See if you can identify which movies these snippets of dialog belong in. I choose a theme to make it a little more fun.

These are all things that we (or I or you) are gonna need:

“a paint job and a sh@# load of screen doors”

“a bigger boat”

“some more FBI guys”

“a whole lot of serious therapy”


“a new plan” (this is actually a newish favorite rather than an old one)

How many can you identify? I hope they give you a little holiday cheer. 😉

9 thoughts on “Traditions aren’t always…traditional.

  1. You didn’t leave enough clues! LOL.

    The only one I know for sure is: “a bigger boat”
    That has to be Jaws. I know because I’m always saying that whenever I’m on a boat–no matter how big it is.

    • Definetly Jaws–way to go!

      The key is to inglude the”we’re gonna need” in front of it. And the clue is that two come from the movie I talk about in the post. We do movie quotes so often that we compete to see who can do a quote with the fewest words. 😮

  2. Well, got Jaws and Die Hard. I’m thinking about the rest – heard them, but can’t place them. Funny! We were on the same subconscious wavelength! I like your tree – it’s beautiful. We went to an artificial a couple years ago after getting ants in the house from a colony in the tree we chopped down. I do miss the fresh smell, but I don’t miss the dry pine needles.

    • I kill everything green (except martians) so trying to keep a tree alive through the holiday season was impossible for me.

      You’ve got to get the last one. You blogged about the movie recently!

  3. I shall hang my head in shame for I have no idea where any of those quotes comes from. I remember ‘a bigger boat’ and said to myself ‘oh yeah’ when I read the comments from Maria and Julia.

    I love your traditional Christmas holiday movie. ‘Die Hard’ one of my favourites. One of the free-to-air networks over here plays it almost every year around this time. Hmmm, must go and check the TV guides…

    • It took me several watches to realize how much of the sound track is Christmas music. Sometimes it is slowed down so much it is almost unrecognizable. Very cool! Another move we watch is Home Alone. Mostly for the great music.

  4. Kudos to Julia for getting two of the movies! Here are all the source quotes…

    Die Hard
    After McClane causes an explosion in the building he asks if the building is on fire. Al replies “No, but it’s gonna need a paint job and a shit load of screen doors.”

    Broady [after seeing the shark for the first time] declares “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

    Die Hard
    As Chief Dwayne T. Robinson watches the FBI helicopter explode is says “We’re gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess.”

    Donkey says “I just know, before this is over, I’m gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy.”

    Min In Black II
    When J wants to neuralize and get rid of an agent he takes them to the pie shop. After things go wrong he declares “you need pie”

    When the group realizes they are not on Earth and they can’t walk out of the jungle, Royce says “we’re gonna need a new plan.”

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