Ten things I’ve learned from The Walking Dead

We’re about five episodes in and I’m still loving The Walking Dead. I blogged about it here previously, but I neglected to mention the educational aspects of the show. Here is what I’ve learned so far…

  1. Rethink becoming an organ donor if you think you might end up becoming a zombie.
  2. Learn to shoot a crossbow and stock up on bolts. Stealth is all after the zombie apocalypse.
  3. Never assume you’re the only survivor. If you made it, surely someone else could too.
  4. Sometimes being there for your loved one means destroying his or her brain when she becomes a zombie.
  5. Take good care of your tools and keep them close. Especially, your hack saw, jwhich should be sharp enough to cut metal (to avoid having to cut off your own hand when you get handcuffed to a pipe).
  6. The previously untapped potential of ex pizza delivery boys will be realized after the Zombie apocalypse.
  7. A bus blocking an alley will thwart 96% of all zombies (when not in a feeding frenzy).
  8. Putting glass doors between you and hungry zombies is not a long-term solution.
  9. A car is better transportation than a horse, unless your goal is to feed the zombies.
  10. Zombies can be creepy, gross, terrifying, and occasionally even funny…but they are always scarier in large numbers.

10 thoughts on “Ten things I’ve learned from The Walking Dead

  1. Too funny! How about number 11 – if you’re on a deserted road and you see a child walking away from you, and you hear the creepy movie music start to play, then do not run to rescue the child. Odds are it will be a zombie!

    • At least he didn’t open the door in the hospital with the big ‘The Dead Are Inside” warning and the moaning noises seeping through. I knew then that the show would be good.

  2. ROTFLMAO! Love it! I’ve also learned that you must carry a rag to clean the Zombie blood from your crossbow so you don’t get infected. Yes, Pizza Delivery Boys are precious.
    I am freaking out that the producer fired the brilliant writing team. Freaking. Out.

  3. I am waiting until it comes out on dvd, since I don’t have cable at my house.

    But I’ll add #11

    Stock. Up. On. Bullets.

    I haven’t watched much of the program yet, but they seem more intent on stockpiling guns than ammo. Why is that?

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