Traditions aren’t always…traditional.

My tree is finally up! It ended up taking the purchase of a new tree—a new artificial tree. When I was a kid we always had a wonderful, traditional holiday. We would have a live tree, carols, eggnog, and family togetherness in abundance.

I remember those times fondly, but I’m afraid the traditions have changed for my little family. The artificial tree, this year with lights built-in, suits me fine. I miss the smell of a real tree, but I’m good with having no messy pine needles to clean up.

Another new tradition is the re-watching of many-times-watched movies. These are often on in the background while we trim the tree, decorate the house, or address the holiday cards. You all know my taste in entertainment, so you probably won’t be too surprised to hear that my idea of a holiday film is Die Hard. Hey, it was set at a Christmas party and the sound track is mostly Christmas music.

After watching some of these family favorites over the weekend, I thought I’d let you join in another tradition, the movie quotes game. See if you can identify which movies these snippets of dialog belong in. I choose a theme to make it a little more fun.

These are all things that we (or I or you) are gonna need:

“a paint job and a sh@# load of screen doors”

“a bigger boat”

“some more FBI guys”

“a whole lot of serious therapy”


“a new plan” (this is actually a newish favorite rather than an old one)

How many can you identify? I hope they give you a little holiday cheer. 😉