Who loves a good alien abduction story?

Me! And, apparently, the Eppie judges.

This week I learned that Captured, by Julia Rachel Barrett,  is a 2011 finalists in the Epic ebook awards. I already had this book in my TBR folder, so I double-clicked and started reading. This is the power of book awards. Readers may even pick-up a book by an author they’ve never tried before and that is a very cool thing.  But on to the book…

In Captured, an ordinary earth girl is abducted by aliens. This is a pretty common theme in sci-fi erotica and erotic romance, but this story takes a refreshing twist on the trope. It turns out that Mari is just one of many girls captured for sale and the reason for her capture isn’t anything you’d hope. She is just an animal to her captors. She wakes during transport, something that isn’t supposed to happen, and convinces her captors to allow her to remain awake during the journey to their planet. This gives her an opportunity to try to convince them she is a person.  It is her intelligence and civility that get through to Ekkatt, the alien trapper who must then come to terms with the terrible realization that he’s been delivering thinking women to an unthinkable fate. If you think that doesn’t sound like the set up for a very sexy, touching romance you’d be surprised by Captured. If you think it packs the potential for lots of conflict and emotion, then you’d be very right.

What I love about this book: I love that Mari is what I call a quiet heroine. Although she is capable of the knee to groin maneuver when pressed, she mostly treats her captors with respect. Challenging their beliefs subtly and patiently trying to win them over.  Ekkatt starts out as an unlikely hero, a pragmatic man forced to face facts and once he does he is guided by his conscious.  This short novel is full of the unexpected and has fast become one of my favorite alien abduction stories.

Captured is an Erotic Science Fiction Romance released by Siren Publishing in January 2010.

Julia kindly provided a review copy. Thanks, Julia and congratulations on your final!

Do you like this trope? Any stories you’d recommend?

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  1. Thank you so much! I have to admit I love Captured – I love Mari and Ekkatt and I so loved writing their story – they both amazed me. I’m so glad you enjoyed the challenges they face as much as I do – I think of Captured as sort of a morality play rather than an erotic work of science fiction.

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