How you can win some sci-fi romance and one sci-fi romance author swings back!

SciFi romance author scores some laughs if not her ideal book review…

Oh my! Dear Author recently reviewed Sue Grant’s SUREBLOOD, a sci-fi romance. Yay for reviewing SFR! But, oh dear, the review is not so flattering. But you must read the comments thread!! Sue’s response had me rolling on the floor. You can find a much more favorable review at Galaxy Express. 

If you want to win sci-fi or sci-fi romance, this is a great week for you. The web is full of contests and give aways… 

Julia Barrett is celebrating the release of books Three and Four of her Daughters of Persephone series with a contest on her blog.

To celebrate their grand opening, Keith Publications  is offering a chance to win a sci-fi romance e-book by Vijaya Schartz. Comment on her guest blog post, “Why I write Sci-Fi Romance” to enter (if it is not too late – not sure when this one is closing).

This month, SciFi Chick is giving away Night of the Living Trekkies and a copy of Stardust Blu-Ray Edition

And finally, because I like things circular, Dear Author is hosting the ACE/ROC Fall give away. Lots of chances to win good books.

Go forth and win!

6 thoughts on “How you can win some sci-fi romance and one sci-fi romance author swings back!

    • I hope the dust up doesn’t put the reviewer off sci-fi romance. I do love her for calling attention to the genre. I’m sure it is not at all appropriate to laugh at this, but Sue just cracks me up.

  1. Holy moley, that was a rough review. And it escalated to ugly way too fast.

    Maybe Susan Grant thought the reviewer was being whimsical and she reciprocated. But then it got out of hand.

    We need an emoticon for ‘just kidding’.

    • I’m afraid it has got to be rule number one: never ever respond to a negative review. Even if the response is meant to be funny, it just never goes well for the author.

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