When is cold metal, smoking hot?

Hot, hot, hot, describes the Cyborg Seduction Series by  Laurann Dohner. Cyborgs, originally created on earth and worked as virtual slave labor, have rebelled and fled into space. Unfortunately, more men survived than women.  As a result, the cyborgs have had to be creative about their marriage laws. You guessed it—some of the men decide they want a woman of their own, so they kidnap humans. This is very common trope for sci-fi romance, but Laurann Dohner does a good job of giving it new life. The cyborgs are the ultimate alpha males and the heroines are all struggling with deep emotional issues.

I love each of the books in this series, but to keep things brief, let’s focus on Melting Iron, the latest installment. Dawn, female mechanic with a temper and a mouth to match her red hair is kidnapped by Iron, a big cyborg with a stubborn streak. They make a fiery combination that makes for a very hot read.

What I loved about the heroine: Dawn is tough, but big-hearted. She’ll put herself at risk to help, protect, save others.

What I loved about the hero: Iron respects Dawn’s skills, listens to her, and takes her side when others falsely accuse her. Sounds like my dream man. Oh and he is super sexy, too.

Other cool stuff: The cyborgs have interesting, metallic skin tones. The humans think the cyborgs kidnap humans for spare parts.  I just find that hilarious.

Cautions: This is an erotic romance and the nature of such books seems to ensure that there will be some elements that don’t work for me. I just accept that and don’t let them spoil the story for me.  I recommend that you check the full book description on the publisher’s website, before purchasing any erotic romance.

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Genre: Futuristic Erotic Romance

Primary format: E-book

Publication date: June 2010