Why would a sci-fi girl need a barbarian hero?

Warrior's WomanTo save her pacifist planet from an invading horde of evil barbarian warriors, of course. Sort of the fight fire with fire mentality. When her planet is enslaved, Tedra De Arr goes in search of a legendary warrior planet hoping to convince the inhabitants to come to the rescue. What she finds is the love of her life. Warrior’s Woman by Johanna Lindsey is squarely on the romance side of the sci-fi romance spectrum. I’d read many of her historical romances before I stumbled on this book and immediately danced a happy jig. Pure fun! Sometimes sci-fi romance doesn’t need to make sense.

What I loved about the heroine:

Tedra is feisty, smart and adventurous.

What I loved about the hero:

Challen is big, arrogant, always in control, but also tender-hearted, and too sexy for his own good.

Other cool stuff:

Martha – the spaceship with a will of its own.   Corth – the handsome android who is given a personality by Martha. A society with “stress centers” – not going to explain that one, you’ll just have to read the book.

Sensuality level: Sexy

Genre: Futuristic romance

Primary format: Print

Publication date: 1990

9 thoughts on “Why would a sci-fi girl need a barbarian hero?

    • Ah, see. The cover scares me off. A lot of SFR covers scare me off actually. I’m more inclined to buy something abstract than something with a half-naked man on the cover.


      • LOL. Well this book was released in the era of the clinch covers. That cover model was on the cover of too many books to count. The book is sexy and funny and you could always get a book cover. 😉

    • Did you notice that some of his hair is standing straight up in the back? What’s up with that? And the size of his sword, oh my!

  1. That cover is both hilarious and adorable. Love that tender hug he’s giving her–it’s almost chaste. And the naughty girl looks like she has her hand on his thigh.

    Thanks for adding my blog to your list! I’ll give your blog a shout-out!

    • Well said, Tia!

      And thanks for spreading the word about this blog. Everyone go check out Tia’s Debut’s and Reviews at http://www.tianevitt.com/weblog/. Tia has also posted the blurb for the novella she has coming up in September. If you like fairytales, you’ll want to put it on your wish list.

  2. Tia sent me, so here I am. Nice to meet you, Charlie!

    Ref: Warrior’s Woman

    I remember this book. A little soft on the SF, but very sexy. I still remember her ‘punishment’ on that ride to his home. :fans self:

    I’m adding you to my reader.

    • Hi Maria! Thanks for coming over. Yes, WW is very light on the SF. If you wanted to stretch a bit you could say it explores some of the issues of how technology will change us as people. An important aspect of the sci-fi genre. There is some irony in a technologically advanced race being overrun by barbarians. But this book was really more about oh, la, la fun. In that regard – mission accomplished.
      Looking forward to seeing you around!

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