Author Interview: Marie Andreas

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SGLSF: What books had an influence on you growing up?

MARIE: The first books I recall reading on my own were Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and just about any horse book written. Then I branched out into fantasy and SF. Piers Anthony, Alan Dean Foster, Anne McCaffery, Mercedes Lackey, and David Eddings were probably some of the biggest influences. But I read so much-even as a kid-it’s hard to say what all influenced me.

SGLSF: What attracts you to the romance genre, particularly SF/futuristic romance?

MARIE: I really enjoy romance when it has a great story attached—romance for romance sake doesn’t work for me. But when you have action, thrills, a world or two to save, AND romance—I’m hooked. I still recall my first SFR, I was at Comic Con International, San Diego, and an editor at the Del Rey booth talked to me for a few moments, then handed a Linnea Sinclair book to me. I wasn’t reading a lot of SF at the time since for me it all felt too much like hard SF…but the book was free.

I was totally hooked! I think one of my favorites is The Accidental Goddess by Linnea- I love humor mixed in with the romance, adventure, and mayhem!

SGLSF: What do you feel makes an engaging hero/heroine?

MARIE: I think they have to be able to stand on their own. I can’t read weak or simpering heroines, even in a historical romance. They have to be smart, funny, and in their own way- fierce. Vas is the toughest of all of my heroines so far, but not the most powerful. I need to believe that the heroine is with the hero because he makes her better, not because she needs him, or they are fated. It’s free will—she’s strong, he’s strong, they both have faults as well. They both chose to be with each other—even if that may be a really stupid idea on the surface.

SGLSF: Where is your favorite place to write and why?

MARIE: There are really two, and sometimes one works better than the other, but I’m not sure why. The first is my home office/library. It’s messy and disorganized, but still a place with a desk, a window, and a ton of books. It’s MY space and I love the solitude. The second place is sort of the opposite—it’s a busy local coffee house. The energy and background noise seem to work well some times to keep me writing quickly and I’m often with writer friends so that’s always good too!

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SGLSF: Please tell us a bit about your most recent project.

MARIE: Warrior Wench is an adventure, space opera with romance woven in. The main character, Vaslisha Tor Dain, has spent most of her life sure in what she does and who she is. Who she is is a tough mercenary starship captain. She knows what she wants in life, knows what to avoid. Unfortunately, she’s about to have her world turned upside down and there are times being tough doesn’t help.

SGLSF: What would be your dream spaceship?

MARIE: I’d like a living ship like Moya from the TV show Farscape. But maybe sneak in a few luxuries like food replicators and whatnot from Star Trek ;).

SGLSF: What fictional technology do you think will become a reality in the next 50 years?

MARIE: Transporting. Okay, massive wishing on my end. But being able to just zap yourself somewhere else (safely!) would be wonderful!






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  1. Because I loved The Glass Gargoyle, Warrior Wench is pretty high in my queue. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Hi Marie

    Fascinating inerview – like you I love horse stories and mysteries but once I found SF I was hooked!I can certainly relate to you SF author influences as well, they’re my favourites as well, especially Anne McCaffrey – and I see you like strong, red haired heroines too! Stunning cover.

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