Wednesday SciFi Romance Round-Up

Week of 5/18/2016 – You know the drill, so here goes…

Every Wednesday we announce new releases, the week’s bestsellers and a selection of on sale or free SciFi Romance books.   The purpose of this post is to take a look at what is out there. I have not read all of these and I always recommend sampling before you buy.

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Free and on Sale SFR

Portals Volume One by authors of the SFR Brigade




Pub Date: 5/12/2016

Welcome! You have arrived at a portal to the galaxy. Enter, and you’ll be introduced to worlds beyond imagining, with heroes & heroines who will take their best shot…at their enemies and at romance!

Contains 10 first chapters, with links to purchase the complete books.

**On Sale for $0.99 17th-31st May**

Keir - New Price: $4.99  Keir's-Fall-Animated-smaller Price: $3.99

Keir (Redemption #1)by Pippa Jay – A demon waiting to die. A woman determined to save him.

Keir’s Fall (Redemption #2) by Pippa Jay – A seductive tyrant. A lost hero. And a galaxy about to fall.

SFR New Releases

Lady of the Star Wind by Veronica Scott



Price: $3.99

On Amazon

Length: 343 pgs

Pub Date: 5/10/2016

Are they merely luckless lovers … or a legend come back to life?

Cali & Drake (The Alliance Book 1) by Stormy McKnight



Price: $5.99 KU

On Amazon

Length: 203 pages
Pub Date: May 1, 2016

Cali didn’t choose her politically minded mother, but she did choose to flee into space to avoid her. What does any good daughter do while on the run? Explore, reveal new truths and create The Alliance that will define her generation, of course.

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