Wednesday SciFi Romance Round-Up


The Monday holiday threw me off, but it is still Wednesday, so here goes…

Every Wednesday we announce new releases, the week’s bestsellers and a selection of on sale or free SciFi Romance books.   The purpose of this post is to take a look at what is out there. I have not read all of these and I always recommend sampling before you buy.

It’s an eclectic bunch this week.

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Free and On Sale SFR

Among Galactic Ruins (Series: Phoenix Adventures) by Anna Hackett



Free on ARe

Pub Date: Sep 09, 2015

Length: 160 pgs

When astro-archeologist and museum curator Dr. Lexa Carter discovers a secret map to a lost old Earth treasure–a priceless Fabergé egg–she’s excited at the prospect of a treasure hunt to the dangerous desert planet of Zerzura. What she’s not so happy about is being saddled with a bodyguard–the museum’s mysterious new head of security, Damon Malik.

Note: First book (prequel) of the award-winning series, THE PHOENIX ADVENTURES. Originally part of the Romancing the Alpha Action-Adventure Romance Box Set.


Captive by Amanda Pillar



List Price: $2.60  Sale Price: $.99

Available on Amazon.

Pub Date: Feb 11, 2016
Length: 100 pgs

Civilization has ended. Laney holds the key to stopping the were and vampire blood dependence. But does she have time to fix things before humanity goes extinct? And can she keep the secret she’s gone at great lengths to hide?



Freefall by Aurora Jamison



Price: $6.99 $5.24

On sale at ARe

Pub Date: Sep 09, 2007

Length: 230 pgs

Lost between planets and captive of the most infamous space slaver! Felice Marsh’s only hope after being sold as a sex slave, is a darkly handsome man who might be worse than her new owner.



SFR Pre-Orders 

Beyond Ruin (Beyond, Book #7) by Kit Rocha



Price: $4.99

Pre-order on ARe

Pub Date: Feb 23, 2016

Length: 416 pgs

The sectors are on the verge of all-out war with Eden and Adrian Maddox and his lovers Dylan, Scarlet, and Jade are at the dead center of it.


Jaz’s Warriors (Bondmates Book 2) by Ann Mayburn

Pre-order Price: $2.99

Available on Amazon

Pub Date: Feb 18, 2016

Growing up in Harlem, Jaz Brooks never imagined that there would be a day where she’d have two smoking hot alien husbands, Mavet and Xentix, who worshiped her–or that her bondmates would be encouraging her to take a third husband.


SFR New Releases

Trouble In Mind (Interstellar Rescue Series Book 2) by Donna S. Frelick



Price: $2.99 (KU)

Available exclusively on Amazon.

Pub Date: February 16, 2016
Length: 490 pages

She couldn’t get him out of her mind–and that’s when the trouble started.


The Astronaut’s Princess (Cosmic Cowboys Series Book 2) by Lisa Medley



Kindle Price: $2.99 (KU)

Available exclusively on Amazon

Length: 104 pages
Pub Date: Feb 16, 2016

Astronauts, Aliens, and Apaches? What could possibly go wrong?



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