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SGLSF: Do you remember the first book you read as a child?

AMY: The first book I ever read was Froggy Went a ‘Courtin in kindergarten! I made my Mom read it to me so many times that I eventually could repeat it word for word without looking at the pages. My favorite book of all time is A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeline L’Engle. She was the first author who ever sparked my imagination and really made me want to be a writer.

SGLSF: What is your ideal writing environment?

AMY: On my couch, with my headphones on, Spotify running and my feet up. I have an orchid pink laptop that I use, and I can usually get the words flowing pretty well. Add in a Dr. Pepper and I’m in heaven!

SGLSF: How would you describe the SF Romance genre and what draws you to it?

AMY: SF Romance is understanding the difference between what happens in your heart and what happens in your head. Science can explain how and why we feel love, but it never explains the connection between one person and another. The infinite possibility of space, and the questions that remain unanswered draw me to the stories set among the stars. I love to explore the connections between characters, the flaws and quirks that bring them together and keep them together through thick and thin. What better place to explore those ideas than space, alien planets, or the future?! There are endless possibilities to explore science in SFR, and to consider how those advancements can change the way we fall, and stay, in love.

SGLSF: What do you think makes an engaging hero or heroine?

AMY: My favorite characters are the ones who are flawed. They drool in their sleep, and say the wrong things and occasionally they alienate the people that care the most about them. Engaging heroes and heroines are brave when they are scared, loyal and smart. I like good, witty banter and lots of sexual tension!



SGLSF: Please tell us a bit about your most recent project.

AMY: I’d love to tell you about my most recent project, BUT I CAN’T! All I can say is that it’s a background piece for a MMO-RPG video game. I CAN tell you about my newest steampunk novel, The Enchanters Embrace, which takes place just after the events in Alchemists Kiss and features a few of our favorite characters. Archimedes Merriweather and Lady Lucia Conti have been dispatched by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth to the Kensington estate of Summer Ridge to find out if a black mage is really targeting the young widow who lives there. It’s a fun steampunk adventure with TONS of romance and a lot of science to balance out the magic. EE releases April 29th and I can’t wait to share the adventure with readers.

And some fun questions….

SGLSF: What’s on the soundtrack to your novel if it were a movie?

AMY: When we talk soundtracks to novels I immediately think of my novel Bound to You. In Bound to You the main character is a man with a very special gift. Linkin Park’s Lost in the Echo would be the theme song for the novel. I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin, and My Hands by Leona Lewis would follow. I think Bezerk by Eminem and Riot by 3 Days Grace would be on there as well.

SGLSF: What SF tech do you think will be a reality in the future?

AMY: I see 3D printing of human tissue becoming a reality within 50 years. Using stem cells we’ll be able to clone and grow a human kidney, heart, lungs, etc and transplant them into patients who need transplants. I also *hope* that we are on the verge of a sustainable clean energy source. I look forward to more study of the Higgs-Boeson particle at Cern, and the incredible ideas that lie inside creating black holes and dark matter. As a SF lover these things make me dance with joyous anticipation, and cringe in horror at how wrong it could all go!






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