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SFR On Sale

Kniam (A Terraneu Novel) by Stormy McKnight


Countdown deal starting @ $.99 Oct. 30-Nov. 1st

List Price: $4.49

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Print Length: 153 pages
Publication Date: August 20, 2015

Series: Book 1 of 6


Kniam is a science fiction romance in which a hapless middle-aged woman falls into the ultimate “do-over” on the all-male planet of Terraneu. What could possibly go wrong?


“Have any of you brainiacs considered going through the “two-way” portal to Earth, and getting enough women for all of you? Your own damned women?!? Out of four billion of them, even barbarians like you might have a shot at finding some females crazy enough to come here of their own free will!”


New SFR Releases 

A selection of what’s available…. 

Blue Yonder by Diane Dooley

Kindle Price: $2.99  

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Print Length: 57 pages
Publication Date: September 29, 2015


Earth is drowning, but Isabel Visconti won’t be going down with the planet. Her earnings as a factory drone and prostitute will soon fund her escape to the stars. All she’ll leave behind is her late husband’s best friend, Daniel Morneau, who has disappeared into the underbelly of the city’s criminal gangs. Until he shows up, pleading for Isabel’s help.

It’s the old Daniel, the kind, gentle one. The man who bought medicine for her dying husband then helped her through the grief. It’s the Daniel she couldn’t possibly refuse to help. But Isabel has already been given a choice by Daniel’s psychopath boss. Betray Daniel—or spend months travelling to a far-off colony, servicing a violent criminal gang along the way.

When Daniel is abducted, Isabel is his only hope. He may die without her, but is there time enough for love on the eve of the end of the world?




Very different covers and stories this week.



The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf: Space Wolf Chronicles Book One by Kara Lockharte

The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf


Kindle Price: $.99   (No link Yet)

Publication Date: October 6, 2015

A SHORT graphic stand alone story featuring a strong curvy black woman and a geek-to-stud military space werewolf that loves her.


“Why was it that some men, particularly white men from First Earth, always believed that black women must be in need of dick? Not just any dick per se, but theirs, of course. Take Sir Jameson Charles, a recent immigrant from First Earth. In his own mind, because he came from humanity’s birthplace, he was clearly a superior specimen.

In a place where they used to burn fossil fuels perhaps.

It didn’t matter to Sir Charles that I was a trillionaire who ran LD Holdings, one of the most prominent real estate management companies in New Tokyo, and one of the very companies he was trying to entice to partner with him in an offworld investment in an asteroid resort. It didn’t matter that he was fat, balding and had a mustache that looked like it had been glued on.

Nope. All that mattered to him was that I was 1) female and 2) black, not necessarily in that order. He kept talking to my cleavage and trying to touch my hair. If we hadn’t been at my friend’s charity event for disabled kids with children actually there, I would have run him over with a floating wheelchair. While he was distracted, I managed to dodge the fancy human servers, say my farewells to the hostess and leave the party.”


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