Cast of Andromeda.

I never felt that Andromeda was obscure, but in the spirit of fairness, since I covered Earth: Final Conflict I decided that Andromeda deserved a trip down memory lane. It’s another Roddenberry offshoot with some of the Trek-ish feel. It may not be the deepest or most ground breaking SF show, but Andromeda had a decent run. It had some likeable characters and was lively, spacefaring fun.

For those not in the know, the basic premise is this: Captain Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo) is a captain of the AI ship Andromeda a flagship of the High Guard which defends the Systems Commonwealth. I guess it’s like a Federation of Planets but with of guys running around and being more alpha male than geeky.  And they have slipstream drive to travel among the three Systems Commonwealth Galaxies. And they have a force lance – which works as both a gun and a huge stick to beat the crap out of people with.

There are a few human offshoots, most notably, the Nietzcheans. After a mutiny by his first officer- a Nietzchean- Captain Hunt & his ship get trapped outside a black hole and are awakened 300 years later to a changed universe. (Buck Rogers did that too!) They are awakened 300 years later by a salvage ship called the Maru. With the help of Captain Beka Valetine; the mysterious alien, Trance Gemini; a super-genius engineer from Earth Seamus Harper; a pacifist alien priest, Rev Beam; and a Nietzchean mercenary, Tyr Anasazi; they are off to rebuild the systems commonwealth.

While fighting rival Nietzcheans and vicious Magog aliens an all sorts of alien worlds with grievances a plenty. Almost every diplomatic mission ends up in a firefight.

During its five season run, characters change around as some actors leave the show and new ones are added. Trance even changes colors. Tyr Anasazi, (Keith Hamilton Cobb) one of my favorites, was there for the first three seasons. (a few episodes of season 4) His cold, ruthless worldview springing from the unforgiving culture of survival- of -the -fittest among the Nietzcheans was always a lively counterpoint to Captain Hunt’s optimism. Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder) was another one of my favorites. A ship’s captain of a scrappy little vessel that she manages to keep in one piece her character is tough, funny, and smart. Her steadily developing relationship with Tyr Anasazi, which hints at romance at the end, was intriguing.

And then, of course, the Andromeda itself. The AI avatar of Rommie (Lexa Doig)

So, Smart Girl readers, anyone a fan of Andromeda? Have another space ship crew you enjoyed hanging out with on the small screen?

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  1. Oh yes! This is in my collection too. It was very hard to find there for a while, but I see it is available again on Amazon. I have found, with this one especially, that the more I watch it, the more I find to like about it and I got so much more out of being able to watch it from beginning to end with out interruptions. I was amazed when I discovered the over-arching story line and how it was resolved. It gave an entire different feel to the series. And I didn’t see it until the second or third watch through. On this one more so than other series, it got deep.

  2. I liked this one too. I was still high on a then eye-catching Kevin Sorbo fresh off “Hercules” and was glad to see him land another series so soon after that fantasy’s cancellation. His portrayal of the ultimate cowboy/surfer-boy-in-space with ‘tude played well off the character of no nonsense Tyr Anasazi.

  3. Somehow I managed to miss Andromeda. I’m glad for this post, because the series sounds intriguing enough that I’ll check it out on DVD.

    As far as a space ship crew I enjoyed hanging out with on the small screen, other than the usual suspects (Star Trek, Firefly, etc.) I totally LOVED Defying Gravity. It was a near future space adventure about a mission to explore the solar system but there was a huge secret behind the mission–something truly earthshaking–that was driving it.

    IMHO this amazing show was first rate in terms of cast, set, tech, stunning visuals and stellar soundtrack. I was so disappointed that the network’s bungling of the promo and the late Sunday night time slot doomed it. It was some of the best Sci-Fi/Romance on television and it’s just so sad it never had a chance to catch on with fans. I watch the entire series on DVD at least once or twice a year so I can get my fix. I really miss it.

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