Full Circle by Chudney Thomas: A howling good romance!

Full circleCalling all warewolf lovers. If you like shape shifter romances that focus of the romance and you love the warewolf pack setting, this sexy novella is a must read.

Full Circle introduces the Central Florida Pack as the alpha, Drake Neilson, is ready to claim his mate. Ria Marlett has always had a secret longing for Drake but assumes her half-human status makes her beneath his notice. Well, he has noticed all right and he is tired of waiting for her to take her place at his side.

I almost feel sorry for poor Rita. Being pursued by an alpha warewolf is a little scary, even if his intentions are good. One of the things I liked most about Full Circle was the mixture of big, brawny, short tempered male and cuddly puppy dog that makes Drake irresistible.

I eagerly await more stories in this fun series, written by Smart Girls own Chudney Thomas.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication date: September 24, 2014
Length: 75 Pages
Blush Quotient: Red

Disclaimer: this book was given to me by the author.

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