Why Fangirls Matter Panel

Due to many technological difficulties (Mac computers can die), the recording for the “Why Fangirls Matter Panel” from Comikaze 2014 is up.


The the left: I am Alice as the White Rabbit. To the left is my poodle skirt version of Dr. Horrible

Comikaze is a pop culture convention co hosted by Stan Lee and Elvira in Los Angeles. Set at the LA Convention Center, downtown LA was swarmed by hordes of comic book lovers, cosplayers, and everything else that would make a pop culture lover squeal.

2014 was definitely a highlight for me since this was the year that I first participated in a group cosplay. Comikaze had me participating in TWO cosplay groups: Disney Swap and Poodle Skirt Geekery. It was also the first time I was a panelist at a convention. The panel was hosted by fangirlnation.com, where I contribute reviews on comic books, local live events, and other geekery. The topic was our answer to last year’s hit on geek girls in general. We wanted to say that it’s safe to be a fangirl and we encourage it.


Disney Swap: Where are Disney female characters swapped with a counter part



Whedonverse Poodle Skirt Geekery

This was also the first time we recorded a panel. So the sound is a bit off, the look is a bit off but thanks to the magic editing skills of an amazing guy, we were still able to present you the video.

2015 is already gearing up to another great year in geekery. If you are looking for geek events in the LA/SFV area, then check out my website squeedar.weebly.com.

Happy New Year everyone!