This is a bit different. Instead of my usual insights into the world of SF TV in days gone by, I will join my fellow bloggers in the holiday spirit and share my dream Christmas list.  I wish for bizarre geek themed Christmas celebration.  I searched hither and yon for  objects of my own hearts desire.


1. Droid Leggings

via Shut up and Take My Money

These are perfect for…something! I don’t know why, but I think I need to own a pair of these. 24.99 is hefty for leggings, but cheaper than some of the other things on my list such as


Millenium Falcon Themed Diamond Rings

via Paul Michael Design

I didn’t want to look at the price, but since they are actual diamonds, I feel certain it won’t be cheap. There are also diamond tie-fighter rings and diamond R2D2 rings. If the mere thought of parting with that much cash makes you faint consider…


3. Trek alcohol. A variety.
The Federation of Beer

Klingon Warnog, Vulcan Ale, and Sindicate Larger.  If you’re more of a wine person perhaps you should consider,


4. Klingon Bloodwine courtesy of Vinport.

And of course to store all of those drinks for your holiday party you will more than likely need…


5. TARDIS Fridge
via ThinkGeek . You have to admit, it’s kind of cute. And excellent for a party on a cold winter night. Speaking of which, it is cold out there so you must go out an purchase a


6. Jon Snow’s Night’s Watch Cape

also via Shut up and Take My Money.

because if it’s good enough for the Wall, then it’s probably good enough for you.

But alas! How will you get to the party? The roads are icy. Public transport is unreliable. Never fear…

tfx v03 farmland-WM

7. The Flying Car is here!
For a mere $300,000US  you can order one from Pal V or wait for Terrafugia TF-X.
to debut  at an undisclosed price.

There you go Smart Girls readers! Leave a list of your faves in the comments.

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  1. I would love one of those flying cars too. How cool! And the TARDIS fridge! Who needs a party? 😉 That cape is gorgeous! Nice list. Thank you for sharing.

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