Geeky Things I’m Thankful For – A List

The day has come for celebrating our good fortune (or getting through another year). I’m very grateful to be spending the day (in part) with family. There are many more, quite serious sentiments I could recount, but instead I thought I’d stick with the theme of the blog. So here is my list of geeky things I’m thankful for today.


Critical Hit Podcast – Produced by the Major Spoilers crew, this cast follows a D&D game. I know that might not sound exciting, but I (who is not a belly laugh person) have had many, many laugh out loud moments while listening.  Several of the crew have backgrounds in improve and it shows. The story telling is also superb. I confess to a bit of an admiration based crush on DM Rodrigo. *blush* The man is genius.

Available on iTunes. More info at:


My smart phone! I’m old enough to think carrying around a computer in your pocket is pretty amazing and young enough to put all that computing power to use it to play Tiny Death Star.


The Frogpants Network in general and The Morning Stream in particular. Cartoonist, Scott Johnson is the creative mind behind the network and he teams up with Brian Ibbot for a Mon – Thurs morning talkshow (TMS) that has gotten me through many a dull morning. I also particularly enjoy Film Sack and AutoPilot. Comic Dorks helps me keep up with pop culture and I even listen to some of the gaming casts at times.

Their shows are all available on iTunes. More info at:

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Jon Stewart and Bill Maher who manage to make politics funny and Tom Merritt who makes tech news fun.


CGHUB, a social network for professional visual artists, through which I discovered Kerem Beyit, a very cool artist. His profile is here: I especially like his cover art: and land and cityscapes:

YOU.  Thanks for sharing the geekiness!

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