Charity Balls and Paranormals


So this weekend I spazzed out.  I attended a charity ball this weekend and spent all of Sunday trying to get my brain to function. I spent most of the day on the couch on Sunday attempting to recover from the event which had gone on late into the night and had resulted in many interesting and varied stories.  


To be honest, it started me thinking about the way paranormal creatures tend to function in packs and why some of us gravitate to them.  Since it’s the holiday season and Thanksgiving is literally a few days away family is on my mind for more reasons than one.


One of those reasons is simply that this ball collected toys for those children who wouldn’t otherwise have presents for Christmas. An entire corner of the ballroom was filled by a mountain of gifts. It caused me to stop and think. Are we drawn to shifters because they operate in packs? Is it that there is potential for all members of the pack to be protected and cared for?


And I came to the conclusion that idea of being protected, treasured and cared for are the reasons we love shifters and werewolves etc.  Then I got to thinking to do paranormal creatures have to hold charity events for their less fortunate members of the pack? Or is that unnecessary?