Halloween Antics!

So I ended up not being anything that I envisioned for our friends Halloween party. The hubby decided that he wanted to be Jabba the Hutt. Which meant I got to be Leia, not clothed Leia without her bra, but Slave Leia without very much on. But, I got a bra.  And if you wondered yes we recreated the Leia strangling Jabba scene.

Anywho, with All Hallow’s eve upon us and the fact that I’m currently watching the first season of American Horror Story. ( So spooky and stressful I can only watch one episode a night) I’ve begun to wonder if the spirits do in fact roam the earth freely on Halloween night are they out causing mischief or just in awe of the amount of imitators out there.

And what about the other creatures are they out roaming around in their respective natural states? Do they take their kids out to get candy too? Do they critique costumes?( I can already hear bitchy comments about costumes from unamused paranormal beings) Do they crash parties and lure unsuspecting victims to their doom?