Weapons in Paranormal Fiction

Today started out like every other Sunday. I awoke wracking my brain for a topic for to write on. To be far this started the minute I posted on Last Sunday. Blog topics you see elude me until the very last minute. My muse likes to dangle them just out of reach where I can see them out of the corner of my eye.

I’d finished up Tiger Eye, but haven’t had a chance to hit another Paranormal book because my brain just wasn’t ready to take in another story. It turns out it was also tackling the problem of today’s blog post.

Weapons. More accurately weapons in paranormal fiction. Some authors maintain a particular code about paranormal entities only using claws and teeth. Other’s arm their Heros and heroines to the teeth.  For example Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock comes to mind.  Magic, the ability to shape shift, guns, knives, holy water, stakes and even well sharpened chopsticks as hair ornaments; give us one deadly heroine.


Then there’s Lauren Dane’s Goddess with a Blade. Her Heroine; Rowan Summerwaite a hunter as the physical vessel of a Goddess, capable with a sword and imbued with otherworldly power.


 Then there is Patricia Briggs’ hero Adam Hauptam (Ha, you thought I was going to talk about Mercy didn’t you?) Something struck me in her books. As Alpha of his pack he made sure that his wolves not only knew how to fight with teeth and claws but also in human form; i.e. hand to hand combat.


 I remember picking up on that one line. I occurred to me many readers and authors take it for granted their heroes or heroines can fight in all forms with any weapons handed to them. It is important to note that all of these characters are intelligent and that is first and foremost the greatest weapon given to them by their respective authors.

So who are your favorite kick ass heroes and or heroines and what are their favorite weapons?