Paranormal Romance in the movies

A few weeks ago instead of writing one Saturday I ended up watching Hellboy, more specifically Hellboy I and Hellboy II: The Golden Army.  I have mentioned before on my personal blog that I love Ron Perlman’s work, whether he be a gangster, a badass biker or Hellboy, I love it.  As I settled in for a good old action movie with creatures of every kind.


And I had to laugh when I really started to pay attention to the movies. What caught my attention was something that I already knew. At the center of it all was that age old story of Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy fights to get girl. Boy gets girl. Boy and girl have to figure out how to be together.


Sure our hero is a demon raised by humans, and our heroine is a woman with pyrotechnic abilities.  These two individuals while not human by mortal standards are exactly that, Human. Their struggles magnified by their gifts and or their curses.

What movies have you watched recently?