Are you ready for this summer’s blockbuster monster movie?

60159450This year we’ve been uber-fortunate to have a steady stream of SciFi blockbuster movies. Next up is Pacific Rim. This one promises to bring to life every kid’s fantasy of saving the world by controlling a giant robot to fight monsters. At heart it seems to be your typical ‘unlikely heroes save the world against all odds’ story, but Director Guillermo del Toro has ceased the opportunity to create something more.

Known for fantasy movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, and The Hobbit; del Toro is comfortable bringing fantastical tales to life on the big screen. This time he has taken the basic action flick and used it to create what promises to be a richly detailed alternate or perhaps futuristic version of Earth in which giant robots fight alien monsters. This isn’t just our world with a few toys dropped in, he has gone way beyond that and part of that was brought to life in the artistic look of the film.

“We had so much fun, for something that could have been more pedestrian, there is some quirky stuff in there!” ~ Kate Hawley

“We had so much fun, for something that could have been more pedestrian, there is some quirky stuff in there!” ~ Kate Hawley

The blog recently posted an interview with the costume designer, Kate Hawley. She provides a great behind the scenes look at her work on the film and with the film’s legendary director. Hawley says: “We all contribute – that’s why we, as part of his team, are invited to play, but he is the director. He knows the pizza he’s making – down to the last detail!” For the complete interview and some great stills, visit

Pacific Rim is due out July 12 in the US and UK, July 11 in Australia, and August 9 in Japan.

Anyone out there excited about this film?


6 thoughts on “Are you ready for this summer’s blockbuster monster movie?

  1. The more I hear about it, the more interested I become. When I first heard about the film, I just thought ‘action CGI fest’ but as more leaks out about the film, it seems like it might be deeper. I’ll probably go to see it.

    • I have high hopes. I did falter in my enthusiasm, though, when I realized they already have the collectible toys up for pre-order. *sigh* I hope this doesn’t turn out to be Ewoks all over again.

  2. *drops jaw* What’s wrong with Ewoks?? I saw this, it was good, compared to RIPD, which was god awful. So disappointed. But Pacific Rim had great action and some hot guys so I was happy. 🙂

    • This is great news!

      If you think too much about Ewoks they are seriously creepy. Cuddly teddy bears that also happen to be cannibals that beat people to death with clubs. *shivers* But what I really meant is that on occasion Star Wars seemed more concerned about merchandising that story telling. Sorry, sorry, lightning please don’t strike… I do love Star Wars, honest.

  3. LOL I understand what you’re saying, the merchandising is nutz. I did love the Ewoks in the movies. I’m old so it’s been forever since I read any of the stories so my memory of the super cute Ewoks is probably as fuzzy as they are LMAO.

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