Where do you go for a quick, sexy read?


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Author Ms Mahler, recently launched a new blog, Whips and Fangs, where she’ll be publishing one kinky fantasy short each month. The stories will vary from PG to XXX and cover all kinds of relationship styles. The first story, Fealty, was published June 1st.

Fealty is a neat little high fantasy story about a knight who missed the opportunity to be with his long ago love when he swore Fealty to the wrong lord. Ms Mahler does a great job of creating characters you can root for in a short format.

Highly recommended for quick, sexy reads!! The web address is http://www.fantasyforthekinky.wordpress.com

3 thoughts on “Where do you go for a quick, sexy read?

  1. I am a fan of high fantasy, so it got my attention. It was a well written short story and a good read. I was really engaged by the design of having commentary on your story and the issues it raises about consent; rape; real vs. fictional; and your own honest insights about messages that you can send as a writer, as a reader, or just as a person in society. Really interested in reading more.

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