What tops a hunky EMT?

nobodysangelFor Kendall Glynn in Nobody’s Angel by Stacy Gail, it just might be a masked man with wings who keeps swooping in to rescue her. Kendall is an investigative reporter who is shocked to be watching her anchor-man friend, Dave, on air reenacting the murder/suicide report she wrote.  When it all comes to a bloody end, Kendall is left in shock with mystery to solve.

Zeke Reece is a descendant of the accursed Nephilim and he’s on the trail of the lost spirit that’s linked to the attacks. He’s also the masked man who comes to Kendall’s rescue when her investigation lands her in danger. These two have a strong, fiery chemistry that is a fun as it is sexy. They butt heads for a while until they figure out that they both have the same goals. When they come together, the sensuality is sizzling. Who knew wings could be so sexy?!

Author, Gail, crafts an interesting mystery to unravel and characters that feel real, only better.  Kendall is strong, smart, and always ready with a witty come back. Zeke is a suitably angsty hero with a heart of gold and he loves Kendall’s smart mouth and feisty spirit. Together these characters light up the page with the sparks from their attraction for each other and provide lots of zingy dialog and great lines, delivered in Gail’s tight, crisp writing.

While this is a novella length story (less than 100 pages), it does provide a complete love story, wraps up the central mystery, and delivers an emotionally satisfying ending.

Nobody’s Angel in book one in The Earth Angels series. Book two, Savage Angel is out now and Wounded Angel is scheduled for release May 27th. The second two books appear to be longer and they’re all available on Audible.

savageangel    woundedangel

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Blush Quotient: Pinkish-Red

Primary format: E-Book

Length: Novella

Publication date: January 2013

Publisher: Carina Press

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  1. Sounds good, I have been turned off of Angel books lately they have been taking themselves too serious but something with a feisty heroine and banter sounds great.

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