Star Trek: Evening the Odds

Over at Smooth ReEntry the topic is generally about the return-to-dating experience, but right now something else is trumping that lively theme…Star Trek and its return to the big screen with the May release of Star Trek Into Darkness. Let’s all give Smooth ReEntry a little love for his entertaining run down of the theories predicting whether ITD will be good or bad. I’m definitely going with the Secret Movie Theory. How about you? (reblogged with permission)

Smooth ReEntry

For over 20 years Star Trek fans could count on a consistent trend holding true: Even numbered Star Trek movies would be high quality, and odd numbered Star Trek movies would suck.

In 2002 this trend was broken when an even numbered movie sucked; namely, Star Trek: Nemesis.

Star Trek: Nemesis’s poor quality caused much confusion amongst believers of the odd numbered curse. Further confusion was created in 2009 with the release of Star Trek, an odd numbered movie that is considered by many to be good.

Why the once dependable odd numbered curse suddenly failed as a predictor is a great mystery. Today we will examine popular theories as to why the odd curse failed in 2002. Further, we will see each theory’s prediction about the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness

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5 thoughts on “Star Trek: Evening the Odds

  1. I am really looking forward to this film. I think it will be good…granted I am a lifelong trekkie so I will except just @ anything with and exception of ST5:The Final Frontier which was the worst IMO. Actually, Nemesis wasn’t awful. I watched it on DVD recently and it wasn’t bad. I think it suffered from the fact that the franchise desperately needed a break at that point. I am still upset that the new movie won’t be out in Japan until SEPTEMBER.

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