Who put the Hulk in my Beauty and the Beast?

bandboncwThe classic Beauty and the Beast story has been told many times and in many ways, but the latest incarnation seems to have strayed a step too far from the requisite elements. It is a weekly TV series, airing on Thursdays at 9PM Eastern on the CW. Like many CW shows it is heavy on the melodrama and I’m okay with that–it is based on a fairytale. The thing that bothers me is the fact that the beast is the result of a military genetic experiment and only looks beastly when he’s angry. As the series has progressed, he increasingly has a disconnect with his beast side and doesn’t remember what he does in beast from. Sounds a lot like the Hulk to me. The Hulk with a romance. The beauty in this tale is a cop and reabandb1987lly not a very convincing one. There is a little crime solving in most episodes, but it plays second fiddle to the other elements of the show.

I don’t hate the show and will probably still turn to it when I run out of other things to watch. I always loved the Hulk and thought he deserved a girlfriend who wouldn’t fear him. 😉 But, if you are looking for a better Beauty and the Beast incarnation, I recommend going back to the 1987 version with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman.  It holds up pretty well and was best in the first season early episodes.  I think Perlman’s beast is much more likely to steal your heart.

What is your favorite version of the Beauty and The Beast?

6 thoughts on “Who put the Hulk in my Beauty and the Beast?

  1. Vincent was well done by Perlman in the 80’s tv series, his portrayal is still my favorite even though have not seen the remake. Love fairytales but sometimes the characters just need to stay in our imagination as actors never quite measure up to what we have envisioned for a character.

    • True! Fairytales always require a lot of deviation from the original since the world is so different now, but TV and movies keep using them because they are so much loved.

  2. That first one is so bad – not even the so bad it’s good kind of show. Hadn’t even heard of the second, but I’ll have to check it out, it’s my favorite fairy tale.

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