My new gaming addiction.

When an indie game developer asked me to take a look at his new game app for the android, my first thought was that I was so not the right person to ask. My phone gaming had been limited to Words with Friends, Yatzy, and Trivia games. But, I also thought, why not? An app doesn’t take long to check out ( much less effort than reading a book)!

waiterThe game is called The Waiter and I tried the Lite free version. You tilt your phone to help a waiter balance a tray to keep food from falling to the floor. This version only has three levels, but a 99 cent version is available with more game play. When I first made an attemptthewaiter at the game, I about laughed myself silly at how bad I was at it. I rightly guessed that it was my lack of gaming experience that caused the problem and asked my gamer-guru son to give it a try. He had no problems and aced it pretty fast. My recommendation would be that it is a good quick game to try while standing in line, if you’re not a newbie but also not a gaming pro. Or….you could have a lot of fun by giving it to your friends when they’ve been drinking. You will get a big laugh watching them try to master The Waiter.

starwarsWhile my son had my phone in his agile-gamer-hands he snuck another game on my phone—the Angry Birds Star Wars edition. I know I’m probably the only person on the planet with a smart phone who has never played Angry Birds, but this was totally new to me. Of course I loved the Star Wars theme! There were a gazillion levels and some great space themed levels where you have to deal with planetary gravity issues. Needless to say, I have been playing phone apps nonstop every since.

I really didn’t need anything else to do with my phone…really!