Green Arrow a Guilty Pleasure

The CW’s new series, Arrow, is based on the Green Arrow comic books. Part of the DC universe, Green Arrow trends dark and is often considered to be an archery based imitation of Batman. There are many similarities, a rich playboy with lots of gadgets who is a vigilante, and all of that is carried over to the televisions series.

Departing From the Comic
Departing from the comic books, the Arrow of the TV series has been shaped and molded by five years of being shipwrecked and surviving on an island. His father sacrificed his life to ensure he would survive. The father also  set him on a mission to right his own past wrongs and the wrongs of others on a secret list of the corrupt elite in Starling City.

The Damaged Anti-Hero
By casting the Arrow as a very young man with a tragic past, the CW has also clearly retooled the character for the young adult audience,. He is the damaged anti-hero that appeals to young girl fantasies and my inner teen must still be alive and well, because he appeals to me as well. It might have just a little to do with actor Stephen Amell. He’s a long working actor in Hollywood, but I think this is his first starring role. The show wisely takes advantage of many opportunities to show off his impressive… strength and talent. The show forces him to go back and forth between the serious vigilante, the loving son and brother, the playboy of his past, and the beleaguered shipwreck survivor. He pulls that off pretty well.  I don’t normally like the flashback technique, but in this case the question of what happened on the island adds a nice layer on intrigue. The show also provides plenty of impressive fight scenes and action adventure.Perhaps the weakest aspect of the show for me is the soap opera feel of the twisted mixed up relationships. It makes me fear I will weary of the show pretty quickly, but for now I’m indulging in the scenery. I do love the way the Arrow wields his bow.

Arrow is on the CW at 8PM on Wednesdays. If you need to catch-up, full Episodes are available on their website.

Anyone else watching the series?

11 thoughts on “Green Arrow a Guilty Pleasure

  1. At first, I thought this was a spin-off from the Green Arrow on ‘Smallville’. I wasn’t planning to watch, but I happened to flip past the first episode, and saw the parkour moves this character uses. Since I’m currently studying parkour for a character I’m creating, I was instantly hooked. I’m not into the soap opera family situation, but I tune in almost every week for the action scenes!

    • No where near the quality drama TWD was capable of, but an entertaining show. I think you’d like the protagonist. He breaks the law and is willing to kill if needed, but it is never his first option. He lies and manipulates but all to the greater good and within his own code. When he has some personal grief and doubt he keeps it to himself.

  2. I’m watching this show and enjoying it to a certain extent… As bad as some of the dialogue and acting is, I guess it’s still an entertaining tv show and it features characters from the comics so that’s very cool…

  3. I was thinking of watching an episode because I like Paul Blackthorne so much but then a friend of mine said she couldn’t stand how the hero could be such a jerk (his infidelities). That kind of nipped it in the bud for me. I hope Blackthorne carries his own show again. He was very watchable.

    • I’m usually hyper-sensitive of infidelity, but in this case the infidelity occurred five years ago AND before the anti-hero’s transformative experience on the island. He is clearly not the same man. Of course, I wouldn’t say he is a boy scout either.

      I really liked Paul Blackthorne on the TV version of the Dresden Files, but he is kind of a painful to watch in this show. If he is the only thing appealing about the show for you, it probably isn’t worth your time.

      Is there anything you’re watching these days? Is your hubby still watching The Walking Dead?

      • Yup, he’s still a Walking Dead fan. He gives me the lowdown after every episode. (Good thing I don’t mind spoilers.) I probably won’t get to watch it until it makes it to Netflix.

        I haven’t watched anything new lately. It all seems geared for the under 25 crowd. There’s only so much angst I can take in a day. 🙂

  4. You’re right about the soap opera vibe about the relationships. I think that’s indicative of how The CW does things anyway, but it does take away from the otherwise great tone of the show. The action sequences are phenomenal though, and I love the developing relationship between Oliver and Diggles.

  5. Hi Gerard! I think you’re right about the CW. Hey, they have a market and they know how to reach it. If that means a show with good ass-kickery sticks around awhile. I guess I can live with it. 😉 Yes, much love for the Oliver-Diggles dynamic. It is a pairing of hero and anti-hero that I hope they develop. it would be fun to see where it could go.

    Also…Love your entertainment site. I had NO idea there was ANOTHER attempt out there to get a Wonder Woman show going. Everybody check it out here:

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