You’re not going to sink this Battleship

Yes, I’m talking about the movie. Battleship has been out for several weeks, and maybe I’ve been living in a cocoon, but I really hadn’t heard much about it before I took the plunge.  After viewing the action bonanza I’m thinking maybe no one knows what exactly to say about it. It is fun. Or at least the second half of the movie is fun. The first half, wherein we meet our screw-up hero, was pretty dull and uninspiring. The second half I almost wished I could forget what a waste of space he was. Would have made it easier to root for him as he was cleverly taking on the alien scourge. There were lots of things about the storyline that made no sense to me whatsoever, but when the action started I really didn’t care.

There were some pretty clever moments for the hero (finding and exploiting the alien weakness), but the crew surpassed the hero, rising to the challenge at every turn. In a side plot, we had a wounded vet taking on the aliens on land and learning that he could still be a soldier despite his past injuries—one of the best parts of the movie. And in the final battle, we had world war two vets to the rescue—charming.

Hat’s off to Hasbro for finding a way to actually work in a grid whereby calling out letter, number combinations helps our heroes to locate the unseen alien warships. And an extra jig to congratulate them for their clever use of the final battleship. This stuff did manage to surprise and delight me.

If you are looking for explosions, huge robotic warships, delightfully quirky heroic moments, and you don’t much mind if none of it makes any sense; then Battleship is just what you’re looking for

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  1. My favorite quip I read about this movie was “if Transformers was too subtle for you, then Battleship’s your movie”. I’m glad I found your blog!

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