That’s So Not My Style

Blogs come in many stripes and most personal blogs are written in a very casual style. That’s as it should be. Despite the rather public venue, a blog is often a way to make personal connections with people of similar interests. If it weren’t for all of you I’d have no one to talk to about my love of Space 1999, sexy aliens, or benevolent AIs!

Where I Ramble Self-Consciously
Some blogs are different, written more to disseminate information or to further a professional goal.  One such blog, that I occasionally contribute to, is the Savvy Authors blog.  I have a post up there today: Demystify Sequels: Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Them.  I always see guest posting there as an opportunity to get long winded and intense about the craft of writing. It is one of the few places where longer, more content dense posts are gobbled up with appreciation.

After putting together my most recent post for them, I took a hard look at the post and thought, that is so not my style. I mean, it definitely is, but also isn’t.  I wrote the piece, or at least the headings, in my persuasive voice: you must do this, you must do that.  It harkens back a bit to the essay writing I learned in college, but I did it because I thought it would be more effective at grabbing the attention of readers.  I worried though, because I’m a firm believer that there is no wrong or right in writing—only what works and doesn’t work.  I don’t want anyone to actually think I believe they must do it my way, but I didn’t want to weaken the piece by being ambivalent. I’m hoping the style fits with the blog tone and will be taken as intended. Fingers crossed.

Back to the SGLSF Blog
Back here at the Smart Girls Love SciFi blog I aim for a mix of personal, commercial, and structured. I want to form those connections but I also want to appeal to a wide audience and I really want to provide some positive buzz for the SFR books I love.  I think in writing reviews, structure is really important. It can help readers consume reviews in the way most helpful to them.

One thing I’ve learned from my experience on this blog is that if you want a seemingly never ending draw, all you have to do is review Julia Rachel Barrett’s book Captured. That is by far my most popular post. I think it may have something to do with my use of the phrase alien abduction. Amazing how many folks are fascinated with that theme. If I really wanted to up readership, I’d probably talk more about The Waling Dead. Those posts also get a high hit count, but honestly, sometimes that show just leaves me speechless.

Am I the Only Obsessive Blogger Thinking About Tone?
I don’t know if other bloggers have developed their blogging style organically or with a bit of planning, but there are blogs out there I return to again and again, and those are often the ones where the tone and style are honed to perfection.  Maria Zannini has created a blog that makes me feel like I’m her very dear friend sitting in on a chat in her living room. Thomas Evans has his review style down to such an art that I can’t help but feel smarter for having visited his site.  Do you think about the tone and style of your blog or are you drawn to a particular style in the blogs you read? I find my blog reading is all over the place, but I really appreciate some internal consistency for each blog that I visit. I guess I go there for a particular thing and want my expectations to be met.  That being said, I should probably take a moment to promise my next post will be more in keeping with the style of this blog. Maybe my latest adventure in low salt dieting? Something about The Walking Dead? Or maybe even something a little more SciFi?

4 thoughts on “That’s So Not My Style

  1. I’m drawn to blogs where the blogger seems like a real person. I’m drawn to review blogs where I believe the blogger actually read the book and is not snarky with the review.
    Thank you for the mention. That is so weird.
    It’s kinda simple for me… I like to hear what you’re reading/doing/writing. What you like or didn’t like and why. Interesting new books and authors. Sometimes the weather. I’m easy. If you tell me what to do I’m likely to ignore you. Contrary… that’s me.

    • Well, I probably won’t be blogging about the weather (always hot here) but I actually love the posts you do on your hikes. BTW – I loved the Odin and Loki comparison you used the other day.

      I too am a contrarian, thus my worry over the forceful language in that post. Hopefully, the overall effect wasn’t TOO bossy.

      No joke, my review of Captured has, to date, 600 views.

  2. 🙂 Aw, thanks! My aim is to keep it simple and personable. I like blogs that create relationships and conversations. Preachy or one-trick-pony blogs don’t stay on my reader for long. There are too many others vying for my time.

    I have eclectic tastes, so content is particularly important, and they get extra points if they can present it with some warmth.

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