Fringe: not a good show to watch out of order.

Last week I accidentally watched the latest episode of Fringe and sat there confused through it all. Things seemed to come out of nowhere. I finally realized that somehow I had missed an episode. When I went back to watch the missed episode it all made much more sense—in a very Fringe sort of way. I wasn’t too sure about this season at first, but it’s growing on me.

Here are some thoughts on the current season:

Kudos to Fringe’s creators for building in ways to drastically reinvent the show each season.

Love that as the season has progressed we are getting more of the fun Walter back. Great to see all the food weirdness back. That had faded away in the last super intense season. We may actually be able to play the Fringe Drinking Game.

Along that same lines it was awesome to see the payoff on all those Astrid name gags when Astrid met Astrid.

Best of all, I can honestly say I have no clear idea of where this is all going. I think that is the point of Fringe, so…mission accomplished.

What do you think of the current season?

2 thoughts on “Fringe: not a good show to watch out of order.

  1. I love it! The twists and changes have kept the show fresh and fun and, most wonderfully, unpredictable.

    And I’m also loving the new episodes of We’re Alive. I’m two behind, but that’s due to rationing them. I don’t want to get caught up and have to wait for weeks for the next one. (Yes, it’s a psychological game I’m playing on myself, but it’s working for now. It’s my brain and I’ll trick it if I need to, thankyouverymuch. Ahem.) 😉

    • I don’t have your strength to ration We’re Alive. I devour it upon release! I hate the weeks between chapters when there is no episode. Bad way to start the week. Worth it though. Awesome, awesome audio drama.

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