5 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule

  1. I did enjoy your geek girl answer on TGE, Charlie. I can relate to being different– watching Stargate or old episodes of any and all Trek while others were, well I don’t know what they were doing! But for sure they weren’t on my wave length. I think there are levels of being geek. And maybe we’ve always been there but are now able to find each other thanks to geek inventions.

    • Kaye, I very much agree that geeks come in a wide spectrum. I see that every time I go to DragonCon, a scifi convention in ATL. I look around at the crazy costumes, the folks in the bar talking books and science and philosophy, and I get this warm fuzzy feeling.

  2. I must be a geek, too. I always loved my SF, despite my history degree. And late I became a dedicated, one-eyed, full on computer programmer. At the time in started in IT there were very few women in those geeky chairs. I just loved it. Mind you, I can’t add up to save my life. Just as well computing requires logic, not maths. So needless to say, geeky computer ladies loom large in my SF romance. They do say to write what you know. 😉

    • You know, history can often be a geek refuge. We like to look back almost as much as we like to look forward. RT did a survey and found that historical romance readers were the most likely readers to also read scifi.

      Keep those computer lady heroines coming!

  3. Charlie, thanks so much for the shout out and especially for your contribution. This was such a fun conversation, but also an important one because acknowledgment of and validation for geek girls is long overdue. Plus, we have needs. Some of them overlap with those of the traditional fanboys, but others are uniquely our own.

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