SciFi Romance Potpourri

A lot of great stuff out of late. Here is a quick recap of just a couple of the things I’m excited about…

Carina Press has just re-released CJ Barry’s entire “Un” series. they have some beautiful new covers. CJ Barry is simply awesome and this series one quite a few awards the first time around. If you missed it then you must try one now.



Heather Massey has a new SciFi Romance novella out. Queenie’s Brigade promises “high-octane action-adventure, a ragtag band of underdogs, and a take-no-prisoners romance between a noble starship captain and the wildcat woman he falls for.”

What are some of the things you’re excited about?

One thought on “SciFi Romance Potpourri

  1. Glad to see Barry’s sci-fi romances back in circulation. I read two of the three and have another one in the queue. UNMASKED is a particularly good blend of action-adventure, romance–and space pirates!

    Thanks so much for the shout out, Charlie!

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