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Today, I’m happy to welcome Lynn Mixon to the blog. I’m always fascinated by a writer’s journey. Each author’s story is a little different. Here is Lynn’s…

I never planned to become a writer.  Really, I’m still not sure I am, though I accept and use the label. I’m a storyteller that uses the written word as a medium.

I know, what kind of writer didn’t know what they were destined to be from the cradle? I was a voracious reader, and still am. I devoured science fiction and fantasy when I was growing up, then branched out into mystery and suspense, and finally romance and erotica. That may seem backwards, but considering where I’ve landed as an adult, it is the perfect progression.

After one too many “I can write something better than this dreck” moments, I began reading books about technique and developing realistic relationships, complicated characters and engaging dialogue. So, with the support of my life mate and our pounce of cats, I decided to write.

It wouldn’t be fair to leave out all those many years I spent developing adventures for rabid role-players (or “my people” as my family refers to them) and interesting characters to play with in other’s games.  It might be just me, but it seems if you scratch a writer’s shell deeply enough you’ll usually find a role-player. I think it’s because we love to spin yarns and tell tales. That experience certainly paid off in a big way when it came time for me to create characters, worlds, and adventure for my stories. After all, I’ve been doing all that for years.

As I said earlier, I enjoy mystery, suspense, action, drama, and romance, loaded with more than a hint of spice. It feels only natural, then, that erotic romance blended with mystery and adventure is such an easy fit for my creativity. Erotica with strong, believable characters quickly followed, all written and given away free under a pseudonym.  After many thousands of fans read my novels and loved them, I couldn’t turn back. It is a huge rush to create worlds and people that others love.

During my journey as a storyteller, I became co-host of the two-time Parsec Award Finalist writing podcast The Dead Robots’ Society. I love to talk about every aspect of writing and storytelling, and I’m not shy about being contrary when I feel strongly about something. Feel free to drop in for a listen, I’m sure I won’t sound anything like you might expect. 😉

About a year ago, we interviewed a professional editor who encouraged me to submit a story for an erotic anthology, and they published it. I had become a published author. That experience enticed me to test the Indie publishing waters rather than submitting a novel to traditional publishing. I’m really happy with how things are shaping up.

I’m currently working on several short story collections and my next novel. You can find the anthology containing my first published piece, Healing Hand, inside the Lesbian Cops anthology by Cleis Press, and my debut novel, Will of the Gods, at all major online booksellers.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.

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About The Will of the Gods:

Zia Galen is a spy. If that isn’t dangerous enough, she is a Tantris, a woman who casts magical spells powered by sex. In the male-dominated Theocracy, where the ruling priests reserved power for only themselves, discovery would mean slavery and an eventual sword in the gut.

She’s lived the life of a courtesan for the last five years, selling her body for any advantage she could while trying to recover a sacred relic. She must be careful and discreet, because she will get only one chance at getting it back. The slightest misstep will ruin everything.

With time running out, events threatened to ruin all hope for her order and their freedom. Only the intervention of a handsome rogue offers a chance at success. She is terrified that he knows who and what she is, and what she is destined to do. She has no choice but to trust him completely.

She believes he will almost certainly betray her, but the growing desire she feels for him wars with her common sense. She prays the Goddess will grant her strength when she must choose between her heart and soul.

Surely the gods will make their desire plain.

Won’t they?

6 thoughts on “Meet the Author: Lynn Mixon

  1. Funny how that role-player to writer thing seems to connect. Yep, add me to that list 🙂

    It’s nice to get to know you a little bit, Lynn. “Will of the Gods” sounds like a heck of a read, and I must say, the name Zia is a fave of mine 😉

    • Thanks, Cathy!

      I’m not sure where I picked up Zia’s name from. It just sounded right. And it really is amazing how many writers are gamers. I wonder how many role-players now are computer vs the old fashioned way?

      I had a lot of fun writing Will of the Gods and it seems to be getting a positive reception. Who could ask for more? Well, except for selling like Amanda Hocking, but I need to write a lot more to get those hopes up. 🙂

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