Things I learned at Dragon*Con

Yes, I’m back from DargonCon and still playing catch-up, but here are a few of the things I learned at this year’s DC.

It takes more than five hotels to comfortably hold 46,000 people in costumes with wings, swords, tails, and more.

New York Times Bestseller Kevin J Anderson still scoops his own kitty litter.

David Blue did NOT improvise his Star Wars one liners on Stargate Universe – they were in the script. But he IS a true geek. Loved him as much in person as on the show.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has nine unsold manuscripts under the bed–Laurell K Hamilton has none–both are amazing authors. So…there is no one right way to be a writer.

Louis Ferreira is nothing like his character (Col. Young) on Stargate Universe. He was hysterically funny.  He also said killing Riley (on the show) was the hardest thing he did on SGU.

The Walking Dead’s  Norman Reedus  (Daryl) is very charming in person. He managed to show up for the early morning panel – the only adult member of the cast who did—and he was awesome interacting with the kids from the show. I’ll be rooting for him on Season two.

Captain Janeway, aka Kate Mulgrew, is very inspiring in person.

The cancellation on Stargate Universe is even more of a travesty than I thought.

Writers write. Startling – I know—and just what I needed to hear.

This week I have a lot of things to catch up on and two great authors (who surely write and do it well) to entertain you. On Monday, SFR author Lucy Wudhall has written a post about tails that is sure to have you laughing. On Thursday, SFR author Aubrie Dionne will be here to talk about stereotypes in SciFi. Please welcome them.