Back from exploring other worlds right here on Earth!

I spent the last week in New York City. For a girl from the south and mostly small to mid size towns, NYC seemed like another world at times. Atlanta and Jacksonville have sky scrapers, but Manhattan is simply stuffed with them. And people. My hotel was on Times Square and walking through that space, teaming with tourists and immigrants selling things to the tourists, put me in the mind of a busy spaceport. I guess that would make the buildings, wrapped in enormous flashing signs, the space ships docked alongside and discouraging hapless humans into the mosh.

Fortunately, I had good friends along to help me make my way through the crowds and out into the neighborhoods, some lovely, some desperately awful, all intriguing. the neighborhoods, not the friends. The friends are all lovely!

I was in NYC for the annual Romance Writers of America® national conference. I brought home a box of new paranormal and urban fantasy authors to try along with my copy of Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh. Hawk and Sienna’s story lived up to its billing, I’m happy to say. Devoured it on the plane ride home.

So, look for more book recommendations in the coming weeks! In the mean time, I’ve posted a few on my alter ego blog here

I missed you all and will get back to checking on everyone’s blogs as soon as I crawl out from under the avalanche of work that was waiting on me when I got back.

18 thoughts on “Back from exploring other worlds right here on Earth!

  1. My roomate and I went early to have time for exploring and we made full use of it. It was fun, but it is good to be home. BTW – I read Kiss Me on the plane ride up. Loved it!

  2. Charlie welcome home and happy you got to explore, I am not one who ever wishes to go to NYC but always nice when someone else shares their fun trip there…
    KOS by Nalini Singh is still sitting in my bookshelf, Real Life has kept me from enjoying it ever since brought the signed copy home 12th of June!

    Bad RL!

    • Thanks, Jackie! KOS is really awesome. I hope you can get RL back in its place soon. 😉 I also got to see sneak peeks of the cover of NS’s next UF. Very pretty.

    • We did have quite the adventure! Ended up on a subway train that should have been a local but had been switched to an express due to construction. We ended up way beyond where we wanted to be. But alls well that ends well. 😉

    • No hating allowed. It was fun, but home is good too. And to be honest, the best part this year was having so many great writing buds to hang out with. Some conferences I go to meet new folks, but this year we had so many excited things happening in our group (GH finalists, new book deals) that we spent a lot of time together. I was sad not to run into some of my online buds though.

  3. Thanks for sharing about your wonderful time in NYC. And can’t wait to hear what you think about all the new books!

  4. Glad you’re back! I hadn’t realized how much I peek over at this site until I found myself peeking and going, “Shucks. She’s still not back.”

    For me, New York was always “Downstate” and really little more than a place you go to buy a fake ID. Then again, in those days it was also a wretched hive of scum and villany. Last time I went it was more like Disney Land NY. Either way, it’s great to hear about it from a less jaded viewpoint.

  5. There are places in our planet that can easily looks like other worlds, that’s the exiting thing about travel and visit other places. I recently read a book titled Genticks, written by Ariel Agrioyanis, this book shows how a girl who never have been in earth is amazed for the things she can find, this is a good sci fi book, I think it is sell in amazon.

  6. Every time I travel, I always feel in a different world. If you go to Asia, or to South America, were the customs are different, you will feel like in other dimension. I agree with the last post, I start reading Genticks, and it shows how mysterious could be our planet if you come from another world

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