Guest Blogger: Zombie Vamps Go Multi-Media

Today, I’m happy to turn over the blog to fabulous author, Bella Street, author of The Z Word (currently FREE at smashwords)!

Bella says…

It seems the well of vampires and zombies runneth deep, and there’s really no end to new and creative ways of expressing undeadness—and it can be argued that the living-challenged might like to hear a tune from time to time.*

With the help of writer Mimi Black, musician Derek Jordan has come up with a fun way to synthesize guitar riffs with the antics of a group of somewhat-zombified blood-suckers. Predators: A Musical Novel is a based on five friends taking a trip to Paris only to find themselves being hunted by vampires. These vamps don’t just have a taste for blood, but for flesh as well.

When five friends leave London for a long weekend away in Paris, they wouldn’t have expected it to end the way it did.

A minority of the world’s population is partially sighted, or completely blind. News stories of missing people, or dead bodies found, are on the increase, but none would link the two together.

One day into their long weekend, the five friends end up in a whirlwind of terror, fleeing from a mob of Rogue Vampires, under the command of the current Vampire King, Zacarias.

They’re sexy, and they use it to their advantage. They don’t want to love you.

They just want to rip out your soul…

Predators is divided up into five weekly releases, each with an original song. Derek’s music is described as exploring “the descent of humanity into emptiness and transcendence into passion and doing what entertains our senses. Through the journey, Derek experiences anger, desperation, hopelessness and he injects this fuel into his lyrics. With the instrumental aspects, he fuses a collection of blues rock, swing, folk and heavy rock elements.”

Check out Predators: A Musical Novel for a fun take on a genre that just won’t die.

Bella Street’s newest release, The Z Word, confirms that just because you’re technically dead, it doesn’t mean you don’t like to boogie.

7 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Zombie Vamps Go Multi-Media

  1. I think it is really cool that creative people are finding new ways to tell stories and rediscovering others. In the rapidly changing markets anything could be the next big thing.

    Bella, I know you’ve done playlists for your books before. Is music part of the writing process for you?

  2. A musical zombie vampire novel? Wow, don’t see that every day 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on an interesting art form!

  3. Hey there, would you mind if I reviewed the Z Word on my site? I’ve been looking for different novels that aren’t part of the big industry. I will warn, however, I’m not one of those always a kind word kind of reviewers (thus the request).

    Read my blog and ask Charlie her views before you answer, but I’ll be reading the book regardless.

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