What is your survival plan?

If the zombie apocalypse hit, I’d be staying out of site as much as possible. I live on the outskirts of town, so I’m thinking my odds are pretty good to avoid the worst. I guess I’d head to one of the nearby, but remote springs. They usually have a welcome center building for shelter, there would be fresh water, wildlife aplenty. What’s your plan?

14 thoughts on “What is your survival plan?

  1. Luckily my children are well-steeped in zombie survival methods, so I’m kinda planning on riding on their coattails…on second thought what if the zombies are close behind??

  2. Well, first of all, I didn’t even know until a few weeks ago that zombies eat brains. I suppose my first line of defense would be to get a metal motorcycle helmet.

    Next, I’d probably follow you, Charlie! I’d bring my stockpile of food from extreme couponing so we wouldn’t have to resort to hunting for food and taking the chance of running into a stray zombie or two. (*_*)

  3. Ah, the advantage of semi-remote living and having, like Bella, children with zombie knowledge. Husband hunts, there’s relatively clean water aplenty, and we could find some vegetation to balance the meals. There are tools for defence, both powered and unpowered for when resources get low.

    DD#1 is attending Future Problem Solvers next month and the general topic is emergency planning. I wonder if the scenario they get will have to do with the zombie apocalypse???

    • I live near a University and a while back there was a big stink because someone in the press found out they DID have an officaly zombie apocolypse plan. LOL.

    • (waves back) The participants have to work with what they are given, scenario-wise, but I can totally see my daughter slipping in some zombie survival techniques 😉 I’ll let you know!

  4. My nephiews (13 and 17) have a whole list of potential weapons for defense, but first must identify whether they’re dealing with video game zombies, TV zombies, movie zombies, dead zombies, un-dead zombies, alien zombies or mutant zombies. I suspect they’ll be looking for name tags or conducting interviews rather than fighting or foraging.

    A few weeks ago, my swim coach went into great detail about why a double-bladed axe will be better than a chain saw during the coming zombie invasion. I think I’ll stick with him, but not too close!

  5. Cathy and I are in pretty safe locations. It’s warmer where I live though. 🙂

    But should I be caught in the city and out in the open, all I have to do is outrun the guy next to me. LOL.

    I have been getting in zombie target practice though. This is one of my FAVORITE games. http://www.de-animator.com/

    • “all I have to do is outrun the guy next to me”

      That’s another good use of your weaponry, Maria. One good swipe to the back of the other guy’s leg and you’ve got the lead 😉 Hey! This is a zombie invasion people! There is no Ms. Nice Guy!

      • Shoot’em as they’re getting up from the ground. But the fast woman zombie, you gotta double tap in the head. Even if she loses her arms, she’ll conk you on the head and kill you.

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