Zombie Week Prizes and Schedule

Can you feel the hairs on the back of your neck standing up? You know what that means – Zombie Week is here!  All week long there will be special related posts and at the end of the week I’ll be giving away two prizes.  See below for details on prizes and how to win.

Take a look at what’s in store for Zombie Week:

May 9th In the world of the We’re Alive audio drama, the zombie uprising took place on May 9th 2009. To celebrate the two-year anniversary, I’ll have an interview with Claire Dodin – the voice of Riley on the We’re Alive podcast.

If you haven’t heard WA yet, check out the audio commercial here or the first chapter here.

May 10th Zombies – Horror or SciFi?

May 11th – Guest Blogger Bella Street with Zombie Book Recommendations

May 12th – What’s your survival plan? Open thread.

May 13th Zombie movies – What’s your favorite?

May 14th – Prize Winners Announced

About the Prizes
Winners will be drawn from a pool of all the names of people who comment through the week. Your name will be entered once for each post you comment on, so comment on all posts for more chances to win. There will be two prizes: a complete Season 1 CD set of the We’re Alive audio drama and your choice of one zombie movie on DVD or BlueRay available on Amazon.com (up to $20 value). Sorry US, Canada,&UK winners only.

Run don’t walk to Zombie Week!

4 thoughts on “Zombie Week Prizes and Schedule

  1. Cool! I’d never heard of “We’re Alive” but it sounds great. I LOVE the idea of a “radio” drama. The commercial totally hooked me, but sadly my intertubes connection couldn’t support the chapter link 😦 I’ll give it another go later.

    Can’t wait for the week to begin!

  2. I love We’re Alive! I discovered it last summer and have listened to it all so far… well, all except the last 3 episodes, as I like to listen to an entire chapter at one shot, which means waiting for a few weeks till the entire thing is posted. This last (and current) chapter is a three-parter and the last part just downloaded Sunday night, so it’s number one on my “listen to me next” list.

    Thanks for the interview with Claire!

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