3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman – Fierce in the modern age.

  1. Okay at least they ousted the “electric boogaloo blue” and the dark blue with shiny gold stars and red boots are more patriotic… However no one I mean no one is ever going to “replace” Lynda Carter as the original for me no matter what kind of cheesy crime fighting outfit they wear!

    • I loved Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, but I think the comic book fans never did. I’ll give the new one a try, but not holding out high hopes.

  2. The second version is much better than the “first look” version. That one made me think “Wonder Woman, Pron Star”.

    It will be tough to fill Lynda Carter’s boots and bustier, but we’ll give her a go. Revampings of older shows are risky. I really wanted the new “Bionic Woman” to work too and was sad it was such a dang dud. Except for Katee Sackhoff, who kicked a$$ as the first bionic woman, crazy as she was : )

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