Fringe Friday – a drinking game?

I don’t know if the creators had drinking games in mind when the developed Fringe, but it could make a pretty good one.

Five things to watch for (or reasons to drink–preferably a root beer float) while watching Fringe:

Walter’s Food Obsession
In season one, Olivia retrieved Walter from the loony bin. The food wasn’t good there, so Walter is making up for lost time. He obsesses over food. Everything from his quest for the perfect strawberry milkshake to his joy in making blueberry pancakes. He talks about or requests food in just about every episode, often multiple times.

The Observers
The Observers are mysterious bald guys that wear fedoras and turn up in every episode of Fringe. Sometimes they are a main part of the plot, but mostly they are in the background. Serious Fringe fans have  Observer sightings down to…well, er…a science.

The Many Names of Astrid
If you want to know how many ways a person can get another person’s name wrong, consider poor Astrid. She’s been called everything from Asteroid to Asterisk. Listen for it more in early seasons.

Gene the Cow
Walter has an unusual lab. One of the best features: Gene the cow! Look for her in the background at the lab.

The Glyphs
Glyphs are shown before each commercial break. They are part of a secret code the show creator thought up and they use it to spell out a theme for each show. Bonus if you catch all the glyphs and decipher the theme.

This post in honor of the great news that Fringe has been picked up for another season. Woot!


5 thoughts on “Fringe Friday – a drinking game?

  1. Astrid… they get the name wrong so many times it crossed over into an episode of The Office. 🙂

    Yay for another season!


  2. I think they need to give Astrid more screen time. A whole episode from *her* point of view.

    I love the glyphs shown at breaks, but I didn’t realize they were thematic! Now I need to pay closer attention.

    Very happy they are coming back for another season.

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