SciFi Potpourri

While I’ve been drowning in work, a SciFi Romance Bonanza snuck up on me. So, time for another SciFi Potpourri.

First a bit of news…

You’ve probably already heard the fab news that SFR once again rocked RWA’s national contests. A phenomenal and well deserved double Rita nod for Marcella Burnard’s, Enemy Within. My recommendation for this is here.

In the Golden Heart contest for unpublished authors, Laurie Green double-finaled with two of her SFR manuscripts: The Outer Planets and P2PC. Sharon Lynn Fisher also finaled with Echo 8. Awesome!

Look at these lovely new SFR book releases!

Lisa Paitz Spindler’s The Spiral Path was released this week. Gotta love the cover. To kick things off she’s taking a blog tour and running a very cool giveaway so be sure to check it out. More info here.

Sara Creasy’s Children of Scarabaeus is also out today. This is book two after the much celebrated Song of Scarabaeus. You can catch the deets on her blog tour and giveaway here.

Kimber An’s novel, Crushed Sugar, was release earlier this month. I think there is still time to get in on her giveaway. More info here.

Coming Soon – Zoe Archer’s Collision Course will be out April 4th.

More on this new SFR here.

Looking for a movie to see next weekend?

I Am Ipodman has reviews up of Sucker Punch and Red Riding Hood. Hint: I won’t be going to the movies this weekend. 😉

If you know of other SFR book news, please share!

9 thoughts on “SciFi Potpourri

  1. Whoa! Thanks for mentioning my blog! 🙂

    Btw, I finally got the Blu-ray of Star Trek The Original Series Season 1… Watched through a few episodes and I’ll do some kind of post about it very soon!


  2. Yes, congrats to the authors! Yay! I’m thinking of seeing Sucker Punch, don’t have much interest in Red Riding Hood, but I find it interesting that the movies are picking up on the sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy trends in reading.
    I do plan to see Cowboys vs. Aliens as soon as it hits the theaters!

    • I think most stuff that comes out of the movie industry was a book, game, or short story first. They like things that already have an audience.

  3. I’ve REALLY wanted to see some SF at the movies, but lately everything has been so lame. Sometimes I think movie producers in their mad quest to please everyone, please only those who like the shotgun method of getting a point across.

    SF movies have been really sorry lately.

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