What would The Walking Dead be like without the Zombies?

Surprisingly awesome!

If you’re eagerly waiting for the Fall and Season Two of The Walking Dead, consider watching Season One and Two of Survivors. This BBC series is a bit like The Walking Dead without the zombies, set in England, and consequently there are few guns. Less gory, but still high stakes drama.

A deadly virus kills 99% of the world’s population. Groups of survivors band together to forage for food, avoid the second wave of disease that comes with all those dead bodies lying around, and to protect each other from the other survivors.  There is also a nice conspiracy plot running in the background. When the men in bio hazard suits and black van kidnap Abby, I felt sick to my stomach and what followed proved to be as heart wrenching as I could have hoped for.

The character development in this series is very well done. You come to love characters that seemed hateable in the beginning and question your ideas of what you would do if you were a survivor. 

Survivors is available streaming on Netflix and on DVD. Note – there was another British series of the same name years earlier, but I’m recommending the 2008/2010 series.

Has anyone seen this series? Or do you have any reccomendations for survival story fans?

6 thoughts on “What would The Walking Dead be like without the Zombies?

  1. Oh, this is right up my alley. I prefer sans zombies. Though hubby just bought season one of The Walking Dead and I finally got to watch it from beginning to end.

    I’m so glad you recommended it.

  2. This is just as good. Better even, because the central character is a strong female lead. She is the glue that holds her new “family” together. Powerful in so many ways. And all of the characters are wonderfully flawed. you don’t often get characters as complex as these in a SciFi drama.

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