Can a book make you want to throw it against the wall AND hug it close to your heart?

Yep. Lord of the Fading Lands by C.L. Wilson is a beautifully crafted story of love, romance, magic, evil, devotion, and destiny. When the book finished on page 402, I wanted to throw it against the wall because the story hadn’t finished along with the book. Only, the hours of pure pleasure spent reading it kept the book firmly in my hands and pressed against my heart.  This is the nature of epic romance. Since there are now five books in the series I think it is safe to say there are many more hours of reading pleasure ahead.

I think one of the reasons I tend towards SciFi/paranormal romance and suspense in my reading is that I like fast paced stories with a satisfying resolution. I generally avoid epic fantasy despite the fact that there are many amazing stories told in the genre. I think I am a product of the TV era—impatient—but Lord of the Fading Lands is book worth taking the time to luxuriate in. Like an epic fantasy it has a leisurely start, but unlike many epics it does have a tight focus and (at least within the confines of a single novel) a short time span—a great balance between the traditions of epic fantasy and the demands of romance.

Lord of the Fading Lands tells the story of Rain Tairen Soul, King of the Fey, and his soul mate, Ellie.  The world is rich and glorious and the story is peopled by wonderful characters.

What I loved about the heroine: Ellie is strong, generous, and wise. She is being hunted by terrible evil and dealing with a mate with a tortured soul and she handles both with grace.  She’s the fairy princess every little girl would hope to grow into.

What I loved about the hero: Rain, is indeed a tortured soul and he carries a Tairen soul within. Tairens are a species of large, predatory, winged, cat and he shape shifts into one at will. Despite the resulting wildness, he deals with Ellie with gentleness and devotion.

Other cool stuff: I really love the Fey culture created for this series. They are proud and fierce. I fell madly in love with Bel, Ellie’s chief protector when Rain cannot be at her side. I also liked that the antagonists are truly worth adversaries for the powerful Fey. They are a nasty, nasty lot.

Genre: Fantasy Romance (labeled Paranormal Romance)

Primary format: Mass Market Print

Publication date: October 2007

Publisher: Dorchester

9 thoughts on “Can a book make you want to throw it against the wall AND hug it close to your heart?

  1. I have the first three books and now need to see what you found so compelling, thanks for the kick in the butt to get my books off my TBR and read them Charlie!

    But to tell you the truth never ever have I thrown a book against the wall, have maybe had the urge and have thrown one in the trash a time or two but those were books others gave me that were so cheesy could not keep or even pass them on to others….(or finish reading either)

    • Hi Jackie! This one took me about 50 page to get hooked, so give it time. Honestly, I normally don’t give a book that much time, but this one was clearly well written and had been recommended so I kept with it. Glad I did!

      I have to feel passionately about a book to want to throw it. Many books just get put down and given away. One I actually walked to a dumpster and tossed it in. That was maybe the most negative I ever felt about a book.

      • I feel passionately about almost any book I read but would rather give it a couple chances before being a “meanie” and throwing it.. I actually have the first four books, for some reason 2 in paperback and 2 in hardback… At this point not even sure how I got hold of my copies, do not remember buying them or having them given to me have so many books right now the details are blurring….

        Have a good night Charlie, hope to see you continue the series and hope they are all as able to capture you as the first one finally did!

  2. That’s exactly how I felt when I read “Hunger Games”. My friend lent it to me, neglecting to tell me it was the 1st book in a trilogy. When I got to the end I was like “nooooooooooooooo I need more!!!!!” Thankfully by the time I read it, the 2nd book was almost out. But then it was a long wait ’till the final book. Well worth the wait though, I must say.

  3. C. L. Wilson is one of my favorite authors. I LOVE these books, and would recommend them to ANYONE who likes to get lost in a story.

    As for throwing books against walls because I’ve got to wait for the next one in the series, I really don’t mind. I’ve read sequels that came out quickly–too quickly. The story and characters suffered from the haste. I’d rather wait for a quality product. And Wilson’s books are definitely quality.

    Finally, the Hunger Games books are just AWESOME. And yes, well worth the wait.

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