When are wogs and weemlies a good thing?

When being good at them is the one thing you have in common with the man of your dreams.

In Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair, Trilby Elliot is a lowly independent freight hauler and Rhis Vanur is an elite Zafharin military officer.  They live in different worlds but they both know a thing or two about being resourceful. When they end up together on a back water planet with Trilby’s ship in need of repairs they work together to put the ship together, illegal customizations and all. The wogs and weemlies are back doors, traps, and other hidden code they both seem very good at creating or hacking into when needed.

Repairing the ship is only the first task they must tackle together. Trilby and Rhis are in the middle of big troubles with espionage, betrayals, and the threat of war on the horizon. It is a richly drawn world grounded by solid characterization and a riveting romance. Linnea is a master world builder, but she doesn’t sacrifice the romance in the process. This book is one of Linnea’s earlier books. I don’t know how it has taken so long for me to get around to reading it, but I’m very glad I finally did. It is a perfect blend of love and adventure in outer space.

What I loved about the heroine: Trilby is smart, practical, and kind. Tough as nails and all woman.

What I loved about the hero: Rhis is brilliant, invincible and made totally vulnerable by his love for Trilby.

Other cools stuff: I’ve already mentioned the world building. There are also a number of fun homages to Star Wars. This book was originally released as Science Fiction then rereleased with a more romance focused cover.

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Primary format: Mass Market Print

Publication date: May 2005

Publisher: Bantam Spectra

4 thoughts on “When are wogs and weemlies a good thing?

  1. Very cool review! I have to pick this book up – I’m in need of a good read! Panic in the Lingerie also posted a good review last week. Unfortunately when I’m writing I tend to read only nonfiction.


    This was the first Linnea Sinclair novel I read. LoveItLoveItLoveIt! I almost never reread books anymore, but I’ve read this one three times.

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